World Heritage Exhibit by Miomir Zivkovic (Serbia),
awarded at the Philatelic Salon Styria '06, in Graz, Austria

It is with great pleasure I show here the 48-page exhibit "UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE", compiled by Mr. Miomir Zivkovic (Serbia) and shown for the first time at the Philatelic Salon Styria '06 (8th-10th June 2006) in Graz (Austria), where it was awarded a silver medal. Mr. Zivkovic has now graciously granted me sole rights to show his outstanding exhibit online. 

Mr. Zivkovic is an architect by profession, and his diversified exhibit shows clearly his interest in and love for architecture, art and nature, as well as philately. He has been a stamp collector since his early youth, and has mostly concentrated on the thematic of architecture, naturally related to his profession. 

Each of the links below contain thumbnails to 12 pages in A4-size, showing the full exhibit. Just click on any of the thumbnails to see the individual pages in screen size. 

All material shown on these four pages are copyrighted by Miomir Zivkovic, and may not be used for any commercial purpose or included in other websites without his prior written consent. Please address any queries to Heindorffhus from where they will be forwarded. 

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