Canaima National Park (1994)

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Venezuela 2000. Angel Falls in Canaima National Park.

Canaima National Park is spread over 3 million ha in south-eastern Venezuela along the border between Guyana and Brazil. 

Roughly 65% of the park is covered by table mountain (tepui) formations. 

The tepuis constitute a unique biogeological entity and are of great geological interest. The sheer cliffs and waterfalls, including the world's highest (1,000 m), form a spectacular landscape. 

  • Venezuela 2000. Angel Falls in Canaima National Park. Fragment of a souvenir sheet of 10 stamps issued to commemorate the second summit of heads of states and government of OPEC countries. The stamp is located in the upper left corner of the sheet. 

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Other World Cultural Heritage Properties in Venezuela (on this web site). For more information about the individual properties, please refer to the UNESCO-listing, Venezuela-section. 

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