Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg (2004)

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The Varberg Radio Station at Grimeton in southern Sweden (built in 1922-24) is an exceptionally well preserved monument to early wireless transatlantic communication. It consists of the transmitter equipment, including the aerial system of six 127-m high steel towers. Though no longer in regular use, the equipment has been maintained in operating condition. 

Sweden 2005. World Cultural Heritage. Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg, Sweden.

The 109.9-ha site comprises buildings housing the original Alexanderson transmitter, including the towers with their antennae, short-wave transmitters with their antennae, and a residential area with staff housing. 

The architect Carl Åkerblad designed the main buildings in the neoclassical style and the structural engineer Henrik Kreüger was responsible for the antenna towers, the tallest built structures in Sweden at that time. The site is an outstanding example of the development of telecommunications and is the only surviving example of a major transmitting station based on pre-electronic technology. 

  • Sweden 2005. The Grimeton Radio Station  The multiple tuned antenna is carried by six 127 meter steel towers weighing 130 tonnes each. 


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