Gebel Barkal and the Sites of the Napatan Region (2003)

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These five archaeological sites, stretching over more than 60 km in the Nile valley, are testimony to the Napatan (900 to 270 BC) and Meroitic (270 BC to 350 AD) cultures, of the second kingdom of Kush. Tombs, with and without pyramids, temples, living complexes and palaces, are to be found on the site. Since Antiquity, the hill of Gebel Barkal has been strongly associated with religious traditions and folklore. The largest temples are still considered by the local people as sacred places. 
  • Sudan 2003. Sites of the Napatan Region. 

Sudan 2003. Sites of the Napatan Region.

In its justification for inscription the UNESCO states that the pyramids and tombs, being also part of the special desert border landscape, on the banks of the Nile, are unique in their typology and technique. The remains are the testimony to an ancient important culture which existed and flourished in this region only.  

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There are no other World Heritage Sites in Sudan. Please refer to the UNESCO-listing, Sudan section, for further information on this property.  

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