Poblet Monastery (1991)

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Spain 1993. Poblet Monastery.

This Cistercian abbey in Catalonia is one of the largest in Spain. At its centre is a 12th-century church. 

The austere, majestic monastery, which has a fortified royal residence and contains the pantheon of the kings of Catalonia and Aragon, is an impressive sight.

  • Spain 1993. Poblet Monastery designated World Cultural Heritage of Spain. 
Spain 1963. Poblet Monastery. Inner courtyard and monastery church. Spain 1963. Poblet Monastery. Burial place of King Martin I of Aragón. Spain 1963. Poblet Monastery, built 14th-15th centuries. Panoramic view. Spain 1963. Poblet Monastery. Window in the monastery church.

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