Manú National Park (1987)

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This huge 1.5 million-ha park has successive tiers of vegetation rising from 150 to 4,200 m above sea-level. The tropical forest in the lower tiers is home to an unrivalled variety of animal and plant species. Some 850 species of birds have been identified and rare species such as the giant otter and the giant armadillo also find refuge there. Jaguars are often sighted in the park.  

Peru 1997. Birds of the Manu National Park.


Peru 1999. Souvenir sheet. Fauna of Manu National Park.

  • Peru 1997. Birds of Manu National Park. 
    • Common Kingfisher [Alcedo Atthis]
    • Green Woodpecker [Picus Viridis]
    • Red Crossbill [Loxia Curvirostra]
    • Not identified 
    • Jabiru [Jabiru Mycteria] 
    • Bare-legged Owl [Gymnoglaux Lawrencii] 
  • Peru 1999. Souvenir sheet. Fauna of Manu National Park. 
Peru 1998. Fauna of Manu National Park. Blue-and-yellow Macaw [Ara Ararauna]. Peru 2003. UPAEP-issue. Se-tenant set in a composite design, showing the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock [Rupicola Peruviana].

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