Rock Carvings of Alta (1985)

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Norway 1996. World Cultural Heritage. Rock carvings of Alta.  

This group of petroglyphs in the Alta Fjord, near the Arctic Circle, bears the traces of a settlement dating from c. 4200 to 500 B.C. The thousands of paintings and engravings add to our understanding of the environment and human activities on the fringes of the Far North in prehistoric times.

The spectacular rock carvings of Alta in the Finnmark in the northernmost part of Norway are located in Hjemmeluft (Lapp language: Jiepma-luokta).  Apart from seven different ancient settlements, dating 2000-5000 B.C., around 3000 rock carvings from different periods have been detected in 1973.  

  • Norway 1996.  Rock carvings of Alta. The stamp is part of the third Norwegian set of tourist stamps from different parts of the country. 

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