W National Park of Niger (1996)

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The part of 'W' National Park that lies in Niger is situated in a transition zone between savannah and forest lands and represents important ecosystem characteristics of the West African Woodlands/Savannah Biogeographical Province. The site reflects the interaction between natural resources and humans since Neolithic times and illustrates the evolution of biodiversity in this zone. 

The W National Park is a major national park in Niger around a meander in the river Niger shaped like a "W". While most of the park is in Niger it also extends through areas of Benin and Burkina Faso. Its 10,000 km² is largely uninhabited by humans. The park was created by decree on 4th August 1954. 
  • Niger 1960. Air Post. Protection of the Fauna in the National Park of W. 

Niger 2003. Hippopotamus.

  • Niger 2003. Hippopotamus. 

The park is known for its large mammals, including aardvarks, baboons, buffalo, caracal, cheetahs, elephants, hippopotamuses, leopards, lions, serval and warthogs. 

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Other World Heritage Sites in Niger (on this web site). Please refer to the UNESCO-listing, Niger Section for further information about the individual properties. 

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