Sub-Antarctic Islands (1998)
New Zealand

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The New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands consist of five island groups (the Snares, Bounty Islands, Antipodes Islands, Auckland Islands and Campbell Island) in the Southern Ocean south-east of New Zealand. The islands, lying between the Antarctic and Subtropical Convergences and the seas, have a high level of productivity, biodiversity, wildlife population densities and endemism among birds, plants and invertebrates. They are particularly notable for the large number and diversity of pelagic seabirds and penguins that nest there. There are 126 bird species in total, including 40 seabirds of which five breed nowhere else in the world. 

New Zealand 2001. Crested Penguin from The Snares. New Zealand 2001. Yellow-Eyed Penguin from the Antipodes.


Locational Information:

New Zealand Sub-Antartic Islands 
The island groups lie to the south and southeast of the South Island of New Zealand, between latitudes 47S and 52S and longitudes 165E and 179E.

The Snares
Latitude 4802' south
Longitude 16635' east
200 km south-west of the South Island 

Bounty Island
Latitude 4745' south
Longitude 17903' east
700 km east-south-east of the South Island

Antipodes Islands
Latitude 4941' south
Longitude 17848' east
820 km south-east of the South Island

Auckland Islands
Latitude 5029' to 5059' south
Longitude 16552' to 16620' east
460 km south of the South Island

Campbell Island
Latitude 5233' south
Longitude 16909' east
660 km south of the South Island

Other World Heritage Sites in New Zealand (on this site). Please refer to the UNESCO-listing, New Zealand section, for further information about the individual properties. 

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