Historic Centre of Zacatecas (1993)

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Founded in 1546 after the discovery of a rich silver lode, Zacatecas reached the height of its prosperity in the 16th and 17th centuries. Built on the steep slopes of a narrow valley, the town has breathtaking views and there are many old buildings, both religious and civil. 

The cathedral, built between 1730 and 1760, dominates the centre of the town. It is notable for its harmonious design and the Baroque profusion of its façades, where European and indigenous decorative elements are found side by side. 

Mexico 1996. Zacatecas, 450th anniversary of foundation.

Mexico 1964. View of Zacatecas.

St. Vincent of the Grenadines 1996. UNESCO anniversary. Historic City of Zacatecas, Mexico.

Zacatecas is the capital city of Zacatecas state, in central Mexico. Zacatecas is located on the Mexican Plateau 250 km (155 mi) northeast of the city of Guadalajara, at an elevation of 2440 m (8000 ft) above sea level. Zacatecas was founded in 1548. Its steep, narrow streets and quaint, flat-roofed buildings give it the appearance of a fortress. Zacatecas is important chiefly as a mining center; it also processes and markets the agricultural produce of the surrounding region. On a ridge overlooking the city is the little church of Los Remedios, founded in 1728. 
  • Mexico 1994. Zacatecas designated World Cultural Heritage. Note that the stamp is rouletted. 

Mexico 1994. Zacatecas designated World Cultural Heritage.

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