Tyre (1984)

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According to legend, purple dye was invented in Tyre. This great Phoenician city ruled the seas and founded prosperous colonies such as Cadiz and Carthage, but its historical role declined at the end of the Crusades. There are important archaeological remains, mainly from Roman times. 

Lebanon 1961. Air Post. The Beach at Tyre. Lebanon 1967. Ruins in Tyre. Lebanon 1984. Ruins in Tyre.

Tyre (Latin Tyrus; Hebrew Zor), the most important city of ancient Phoenicia, located at the site of present-day Sur in southern Lebanon. Herodotus, the Greek historian, records a tradition that traced the settlement of Tyre back to the 28th century BC. In the 7th century AD it came under the dominion of the Saracens. In the 12th century it was taken by the Crusaders, who kept it until 1291, when the town came under Muslim rule.

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