Taï National Park (1982)
Ivory Coast

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This park is one of the last major remnants of the primary tropical forest of West Africa. 

Its rich natural flora, and threatened mammal species such as the pygmy hippopotamus and 11 species of monkeys, are of great scientific interest. 

  • Ivory Coast 1963. Air Post. Sassandra Bay, located in the Taï National Park. 

Ivory Coast 1963. Sassandra Bay, located in the Taï National Park.

French West Africa (Ivory Coast) 1947. Pygmy Hippopotamus.

There are plenty of stamps from the Ivory Coast showing various monkeys, but since the 11 most interesting species have not been specified by the UNESCO, I have abstained from showing any such stamps, as they might not be relevant for this site. 
  • French West Africa (Ivory Coast) 1947. Pygmy Hippopotamus. 
    Other than that The Pygmy Hippopotamus is depicted on a Liberian stamp 1906, Scott # 110. Liberia is not included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. 

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Other World Heritage Sites on the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) (on this site). Please refer to the UNESCO-listing, Côte d'Ivoire section for further information about the individual properties. 

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