Villa Romana del Casale (1997)

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Roman exploitation of the countryside is symbolized by the Villa Romana del Casale (in Sicily), the centre of the large estate upon which the rural economy of the Western Empire was based. 

Italy 1993. Mosaics Piazza Armerina

The villa is one of the most luxurious of its kind. It is especially noteworthy for the richness and quality of the mosaics which decorate almost every room; they are the finest mosaics in situ anywhere in the Roman world.

Enna is a city in central Sicily and capital of the province of Enna. Formerly known as Castrogiovanni, Enna lies 100 km (60 mi) southeast of Palermo. Known as the umbilicus Siciliae, or the Navel of Sicily, its strategic location made it an important fortress for central Sicily. Only vestiges of the medieval city remain, with some buildings and monuments dating from the times of Byzantine, Norman, and Hohenstaufen rule. The ruins of a tower built by Frederick II and a cathedral, both constructed around the 14th century, remain. 

  • Italy 1993. Mosaics from Villa Romana del Casale at Enna (Sicily). 

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