Caves of Aggtelek Karst and Slovak Karst (1995, 2000)

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Hungary 1964. Aggtelek Karst Caves.

Hungary 2002. Aggtelek Karst Caves. The variety of formations and the fact that they are concentrated in a restricted area means that the 712 caves currently identified make up a typical temperate-zone karstic system. 

Because they display an extremely rare combination of tropical and glacial climatic effects, they make it possible to study geological history over tens of millions of years. 

  • Hungary 1964. Aggtelek Karst. 
  • Hungary 2002. Idem. 

This property is a transboundary property, that stretches into neighbouring Slovakia, where similar caves are found. Also such natural caves are found in Slovenia in the former Yugoslav Republic on the Balkan Peninsula. Sources and links:

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