Provins, Town of Medieval Fairs (2001)

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The fortified medieval town of Provins is situated in the former territory of the powerful Counts of Champagne. It bears witness to early developments in the organization of international trading fairs and the wool industry. 

France 1964. Cesar's Tower, Provins.

United Nations (Geneva) 2006. Provins.

  • France 1964. Cesar's Tower. Provins. 
  • United Nations (Geneva) 2006. Provins. 

The urban structure of Provins, which was built specifically to host the fairs and related activities, has been well preserved. 

At the beginning of the 2nd millennium Provins was one of several towns in the territory of the Counts of Champagne that became the venues for great annual trading fairs linking northern Europe with the Mediterranean world. Provins preserves to a high degree the architecture and urban layout that characterize these great medieval fair towns. 

The exact geographic location of Provins is 48'33N - 3'15E, slightly southeast of Paris. 


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