Palace and Park of Fontainebleau (1981)

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France 1951. Palace of Fontainebleau.

Used by the kings of France from the 12th century, the medieval royal hunting lodge of Fontainebleau, standing at the heart of a vast forest in the Ile-de-France, was transformed, enlarged and embellished in the 16th century by François I, who wanted to make a 'New Rome' of it. 

Surrounded by an immense park, the Italianate palace combines Renaissance and French artistic traditions. 

  • France 1951. Palace of Fontainebleau. 

This stamp from the Forest of Fontainebleau is engraved by the French engraver Pierre Albuisson, and is one of his preferred. 

It was a moment of great happiness for him to make it, because of his deep love and respect for this area, and also because the forest-motif would allow him to express nature in stamp format, when at its best. 

For two days he installed himself in the forest, in search of the essentials to compose the perfect image of Fontainebleau, combining rocks,  passages in the sands, beech, pine. 

  • France 1989. Forest of Fontainebleau. 

France 1989. Forest of Fontainebleau.

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