Amiens Cathedral (1981)

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Amiens Cathedral, in the heart of Picardy, is one of the largest 'classic' Gothic churches of the 13th century. It is notable for the coherence of its plan, the beauty of its three-tier interior elevation and the particularly fine display of sculptures on the principal facade and in the south transept (are striking)  

France 1979. Amiens Cathedral. Pre-cancelled.  

  • France 1979. Amiens Cathedral on a pre-cancelled stamp. 

  • France 1944. Amiens Cathedral. 

France 1944. Amiens Cathedral.

The architect who supervised the reconstruction of Amiens Cathedral was Eugène Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc (1814-1879). He was especially skilled in the restoration of works of medieval architecture, although many modern experts have denounced his work as more fanciful than authentic. He was born in Paris and educated at the Collège Bourbon. 

France 1969. Bas-relief from the Cathedral of Amiens. France 1980. Semi-postal. Gables in Cathedral of Amiens. Stamp #1. France 1980. Semi-postal. Gables in Cathedral of Amiens. Stamp #2.

He designed and supervised the restorations of the walled city of Carcassonne, the château of Pierrefonds, the church of Vézelay, and the cathedrals of Laon, Amiens, and Notre Dame in Paris. His prolific writings set forth his theory that the Gothic style resulted from attempts to solve the engineering problem of relating pointed arches to ribbed vaulting. 

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