Studley Royal Park
including the Ruins of Fountains Abbey (1986)
Great Britain

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A striking landscape was created around the ruins of the Cistercian Fountains Abbey and Fountains Hall Castle, in Yorkshire. The 18th-century landscaping, gardens and canal, the 19th-century plantations and vistas, and the neo-Gothic castle of Studley Royal Park, make this an outstanding site. 

Central African Republic 1997. 50th Anniversary of UNESCO. Studley Park, Ruins of Fountains Abbey.

Studley Royal Deer Park has had many and various uses since medieval times. There are traces of Middle Age settlements (usually only visible in aerial photographs) and the remains of the ice-houses that were built for Studley Royal House. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Marquess of Ripon created a superb golf-course which the great Harry Vardon played on when he lived on the edge of the estate for many years. The park was also used during the Second World War - the grassland was turned over to food production and the main avenue was a major assembly point for troops on their way south for the Normandy landings in 1944. 

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