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Near Oxford, in a romantic park created by the well-known landscape gardener "Capability" Brown, is Blenheim Palace, given by the English nation to John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, in recognition of his victory in 1704 over French and Bavarian troops. Built between 1705 and 1722, characterised by eclectic inspiration and a return to national roots, it is a perfect example of an 18th-century princely home.

Great Britain 2005. World Cultural Heritage. Blenheim Castle. Great Britain 1983. World Cultural Heritage. British Gardens. Blenheim Palace.

John Churchill was the first Duke of Marlborough in 1702. He was a military genius and won many battles, one being near the small town of Blenheim in 1704. For this famous victory Queen Anne gave Marlborough the Royal Manor of Woodstock.  

On November 30,1874 at Blenheim Palace, Winston Churchill, Prime Minister, was born. In his adult life he lived at Chartwell Manor, south of Westerham (Kent), which he owned from 1922 until his death in 1965. 

Many of his paintings are hanging on the walls of Blenheim. Sir Winston Churchill, after a long and distinguished career as a member of parliament and Prime Minister during the second world war and in the 1950s, is also buried at Blenheim. 

  • Great Britain 1974.  Sir Winston Churchill commemorative issue. 

Great Britain 1974. Sir Winston Churchill.


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