Roskilde Cathedral (1995)

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Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, this was Scandinavia's first Gothic cathedral to be built of brick and it encouraged the spread of this style throughout northern Europe. It has been the mausoleum of the Danish royal family since the 15th century. 
  • Denmark 1921. Roskilde Cathedral. The stamp is a re-issue of the similar 1920-stamp (dark brown), hence the inscription 1920. It is part of a set of two re-issues in commemoration of the re-uniting of Southern Jutland with Denmark after the 1864-war with Germany. 

Denmark 1921. Roskilde Cathedral.

It was the founder of Copenhagen, Bishop Absalon, that started the building of the present Cathedral in red bricks around 1170.  Since then various porches and chapels have been added to the main building with different architectural designs representing the best of Danish architecture for more than 800 years and European religious architecture too. 

Since the 14th century Roskilde Cathedral has been the mausoleum and burial place for 39 Danish Kings and Queens interred in various ornate sarcophaguses within and outside the cathedral. 

Denmark 1998. The City of Roskilde's 1000th city anniversary. Russia 1994. Roskilde Cathedral. Uganda 1993. Cathedrals of the World series. Roskilde Cathedral.

Denmark 1995. The main concert-tent ("The Orange Tent") at Roskilde Festival.

As an aside, the city of Roskilde is world famous for the annual open air rock concert,  "Roskilde Festival", attracting tens of thousands of (young) people from all over the world, gathering here to listen to their idols playing their favourite music.  

Many famous artists, for example Bruce Springsteen and Michael Jackson, just to mention a few, have been in concert on this festival that lasts for three days each year in August - and it is ALWAYS carried through, no matter the weather !! 

  • Denmark 1995. The main concert-tent ("The Orange Tent") at Roskilde Festival. 


Other World Heritage Sites in Denmark (on this website). Note, that Ilulissat Icefjord is located in Greenland, and not in Denmark proper. Please refer to the UNESCO-listing, Denmark-section, for further information about the individual properties. 

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