Jelling Mounds, Runic Stone and Church (1994)

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Denmark 1953.  Jelling Runic Stone. From the series "Kingdom through 1000 years".

A remarkable site in Jutland, witnessing our past in Viking Times, is the Jelling Mound, Runic Stones and Church of granite engraved with runic scriptures, telling about the first Danish king and his descendants around the beginning of the first millennium. 

The site is rightfully considered Denmark's birth certificate and baptismal certificate, and was declared World Cultural Heritage in 1994. 

  • Denmark 1953.  From the series "Kingdom through 1000 years".  The Jelling Runic Stone, raised by the end of the 1st millennium.  

In November 2003 Denmark issued a very nice set of 4 stamps, showing the main stone and various parts of the mound. The stamps were designed by Jacob Kühnel, and engraved by Martin Mörck. Their format is 23.60 x 40.40 mm. The stamps are shown on red background, because of the selvedge on all stamps being partly black/grey, and therefore impossible to scan against a black background. 

Denmark 2003. Jelling Runic Stones. Thyra's Stone. Denmark's Birth Certificate. Denmark 2003. Jelling Runic Stones. Gorm's Cup. Denmark 2003. Jelling Runic Stones. Harald's Stone. Denmark's Baptismal Certificate. Denmark 2003. Jelling Runic Stones. Jelling Church.

For the 50th anniversary of UNESCO, the Jelling Burial Mounds have been commemorated in such far countries as Grenada (in the Caribbean) and Sierra Leone in Africa. Scans by courtesy of Mr. Søren Rieck (Denmark).

Grenada 1997. 50th anniversary of UNESCO. Church of Jelling.  

Sierra Leone 1997. 50th anniversary of UNESCO. Jelling. 

In 2000, Queen Margrethe II participated in the consecration of the newly-restored Jelling Church. As part of the restoration, a new red granite floor was laid, decorated with a black inlaid stripe. For part of its length the black stripe is replaced with a silver stripe, indicating where Denmark's King Gorm the Old is buried. 

Source:  Post Denmark, Philatelic Department. 


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