Pirin National Park (1983)

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Extending over an area of 27,400 ha and lying at an altitude of 1,0082,914 m in the Pirin mountains, in south-west Bulgaria, Pirin National Park has a limestone Balkan landscape, with lakes, waterfalls, caves and pine forests. 

The rugged mountains, with some 70 glacial lakes scattered throughout them, are home to hundreds of endemic and rare species, many of which are representative of the Balkan Pleistocene flora. 

The mountains also have diverse and unique landscapes of great aesthetic value. 

  • Bulgaria 1999. Souvenir sheet. International Philatelic Exhibition BULGARIA '99, Sofia. Flora from Pirin National Park. 
    • Oxytropis Urumovii. 
    • Campanula Transsilvanica. 
    • Iris Reichenbachii. 
    • Gentiana Punctata. 

The main ridge of the mountain is aligned from Northwest to South-Southeast. It is about 80 km long and 40 km wide. It covers an area of 2585 km2 of exceptional natural beauty - high peaks, many glacial massifs, 176 lakes. About 90% of these lakes are more than 2100m above sea level. 119 of them were created by glaciers. The most famous of these are: the "Popovo" lake, "Kremenskite" lakes, "Valiavihkite" lakes, "Vlahinskite" lakes, "Bunderishkite" lakes, "Vasilashkite" lakes. The sharply contoured landscape and the blend of Central European and Mediterranean climates ensure a wide variety of flora and fauna. 

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