Historic Centre of the Town of Diamantina (1999)

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Diamantina, a colonial village set like a jewel in a necklace of inhospitable rocky mountains, recalls the exploits of diamond prospectors in the 18th century and testifies to the triumph of human cultural and artistic endeavour over the environment. 

Diamantina, also known as Rosario, is a city in eastern Argentina, in Santa Fe Province, a port on the Paraná River. The city is one of the largest in the country; it is a major railroad terminal and the shipping center for northeastern Argentina. 

Brazil 1982. Church of Rosario [Diamantina].

Ocean steamers reach the city via the Paraná River. The port is subject to silting and must be dredged periodically. Exports include wheat, flour, hay, linseed and other oils, corn, sugar, lumber, meats, hides, and wool. Manufactures include flour, sugar, meat products, and other foodstuffs. The National University of Rosario (1968) is here. Rosario was founded in 1725 but remained a small village until 1850, when it was established as a port of entry. The city is modern, with boulevards, parks, and attractive suburbs. 
  • Brazil 1982. Church of Rosario [Diamantina]. 

In its justification for inscription the UNESCO states that Diamantina shows how explorers of the Brazilian territory, diamond prospectors, and representatives of the Crown were able to adapt European models to an American context in the 18th century, thus creating a culture that was faithful to its roots yet completely original. The urban and architectural group of Diamantina, perfectly integrated into a wild landscape, is a fine example of an adventurous spirit combined with a quest for refinement so typical of human nature. 

Note that there is also a Diamantina River in the Eastern interior of Australia. 

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