Spiritual and Political Centre of the Tiwanaku Culture (2000)

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The city of Tiwanaku, capital of a powerful pre-Hispanic empire that dominated a large area of the southern Andes and beyond, reached its apogee between 500 and 900 A.D. Its monumental remains testify to the cultural and political significance of this civilisation, which is distinct from any of the other pre-Hispanic empires of the Americas. 

Bolivia 2001. Ruins at Tiwanaku.

United Nations (Geneva) 2007. Tiwanaku.

In its justification for inscription the UNESCO states that the ruins of Tiwanaku bear striking witness to the power of the empire that played a leading role in the development of the Andean prehispanic civilization. The buildings of Tiwanaku are exceptional examples of the ceremonial and public architecture and art of one of the most important manifestations of the civilizations of the Andean region.

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