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USA 1925. Centennial of the first Norse Immigrants. Scott #620
USA 1925. Centennial of the first Norse Immigrants. Scott #621

Here you can download a listing of the stamps shown on this site and a few more added, listed after Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue 2003. If and when I find further information, it will be added. The checklist may not be "complete", as Viking-related stamps and similar items continuously appear on the market. I do not offer sales or exchange of viking-related stamps.  

Souvenir sheets, maximum cards, telephone cards and similar items are not listed. Although coins and bank notes may occasionally be shown on the site, they are not included in the checklist. 

The list is set up as an Excel-file (spreadsheet) to which you can add your own columns and items as you see fit. The checklist is guaranteed virus-free. 

No images are connected with the list; eventually check the individual pages of this site. The size of the zip-file is less than 24 kb. 

The list is absolutely free of charge and is available to anyone with interest in the subject. Your privacy is ensured, and your download will not be recorded anywhere by the webmaster. Stamp collecting should be fun :-) 

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Many thanks to Rodney Cork (Australia), Jill Crowther (Australia), Pierre Courtiade (France), Gerhard Reichert (Germany), Rob McGuinness (Canada), and Blair Stannard (Canada), for all help and support with information on the checklist. 

This list does not include a large number of local post, orbit items (Halley's Comet with Viking Ships), postage/service dues, non-postal items, cinderellas and other charitable labels, see details on the checklist itself.  

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