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Saint George, Patron Saint of England and the Scouts

In Czechoslovakia St. George is well known, and a statue within the area of Prague Castle features the martyr, as well as he appears both in folk arts and on icons.

  • Czechoslovakia 1990.  Detail of St. George's raised hand, from the statue at Prague Castle.
  • Czechoslovakia 1982.  The statue of St. George from Prague Castle.
  • Czechoslovakia 1972.  Czechoslovak Folk Art, Sv. Jiri (St. George).
  • Czechoslovakia 1970.  Slovak Icon of Sv. Juraj (St. George), 18th century, found in the church of Nizna Jedlova, Slovakia. 
  • Czechoslovakia 1946.  The most famous St.George-stamp from Czechoslovakia is Josef Manes's Sv. Jiri, engraved by the Czech stamp engraver Jindra Schmidt. 

The Bulgarian State Symbol is St. George, and he has been featured on a number of stamps from this country. 

  • Bulgaria 1997.  A very nice postcard showing St. George, in a Bulgarian set of Tales and Legends.  
  • Bulgaria 1969.  Icon showing St. George (14th Century).  
  • Bulgaria 1969.  St. George Slaying The Dragon.  (38th FIP-Congress)
  • Bulgaria 1988.  Icon from Kurdzhali. St. George Slaying the Dragon.

The legend of St. George being known absolutely globally, he has appeared on stamps from a number of countries world wide;  here are a few samples from West European countries.  

  • Luxembourg 1980.  A very nice semi-postal stamp by an unknown artist, showing Saint Georges. 
  • The Vatican 2003.  St. George, commemorating the 17th century of his death, issued in the 25th anniversary of the Pontificate of John Paul II.  The stamp was engraved by the Swedish master engraver, Czeslaw Slania. 
  • The Netherlands 1962.  The world famous painting by Frans Hals (ca. 1580-1666) "Schutterstuk", depicting "Brothers of the St. George Guild at a Banquet".  The stamp is a semi-postal for the benefit of social and cultural welfare. 

St. George, pg.1      St. George, pg.2      St. George, pg.3

Saint George, Patron Saint of England and the Scouts

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