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In May 2002 the Royal Dutch PTT has changed its name to TPGPOST, which is a merger between the former Royal Dutch PTT and the world wide postal delivery company TNT.  The new logo is shown on the right.  

The foundation of the Dutch State Post took place in 1752, and the first Postal Act was confirmed in 1807. 

The first Dutch postage stamp appeared in 1852, and that same year every municipality in the Netherlands acquired facilities for the posting and collection of letters.  

By 1870 the country had a well organized postal service, and attention now shifted to introducing new services, like the postcard and the parcel post. 

  • The Netherlands 1852.  The first postage stamp issued.

TNT's roots are in Australia.  In 1946, Ken Thomas started his own company - Thomas Nationwide Transport - with a fleet consisting of a single truck.  In less than half a century, his company grew into a global enterprise, even operating its own fleet of aircrafts.   

Here is the first postage stamp, and the first piece of postal stationery, issued by the new Dutch body in May 2002.

The Netherlands 2002.
The first postage stamp issued by 
the Royal Dutch TPG Post.

The Netherlands 2002.
The first postal stationery issued by 
the Royal Dutch TPG Post

A Dutch collector friend, Mr. Ton van Reenen, has sent me the following clarification comment on the above two items:

The left one is described as the first postage stamp that was issued by TPG-Post in 2002. Actually, the Dutch "Speciale Catalogus" lists it as issued in 2003. 

Maybe the word "postage" is a trifle deceiving. On the "stamp" you see the words "Port betaald", which means "Postage Paid". In fact it is not a stamp, but a means to draw attention to mass mailers from any company. The reasoning is that if a stamp look alike is attached it might not be thrown away at first sight by the recipient. In fact this "PP-stamp" was number 9 since the first one was issued in 2000. Also the cancellation is not like any normal cancellation, showing only "May 2002". This does not necessarily mean that the actual cancellation was done in May 2002. Most "cancellations" read only TPG-POST in a circular "postmark".  

It is thought-provoking that the Dutch PTT has changed its name just before its 150th anniversary in 2002, which was celebrated at the AMPHILEX 2002 in October in Amsterdam.  Probably economic interests were bigger than historical reasons.  TPG stands for "TNT Post Group".  

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