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H.C. Andersen 
Postmarks, Slogan Cancels, Meters and Stationery

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There exists two official Danish postmarks related to H.C. Andersen.  It is pure co-incidence that both postmarks are issued for use on 28th August 1975 and 1997 -- with 22 years interval.  This date is not related to Andersen, who was born on 2nd April 1805, and died on 4th August 1870.  

Below are the postmarks applied to the relevant First Day Covers.  Collectors should note that these two postmarks are the only official ones, commemorating Hans Christian Andersen's 100th death anniversary.  There may well exist privately manufactured postmarks. 

The below postmark celebrated Andersen's 150th birth anniversary. Although the postage rates are different, the covers are genuine, and not philatelic.  Click on either of the images to see them large size.  The links will open in a new window.  The postmark on both covers is the same.  Both letters were cancelled on 2nd April 1855, Andersen's 150th birth anniversary.  Many thanks to Mr. Zvi Har'El (Israel) for providing these two images for this site.  

From Mr. Rob McGuinness (Canada) I have received images of three slogan cancels, all related to Odense, Hans Christian Andersen's birth place, and all showing a design of "The Ugly Duckling" together with the slogan. None of the stamps used are related to the poet.  

A large number of special cancels have been issued.  Here is a selection of those I have received from Rob McGuinness (Canada).  There exists more than shown here, but I do not have these images.  These cancels were produced for periodical use by the central post office in Odense.  

18th April 1977
H.C. Andersen's House

2nd April 1978
H.C. Andersen's Portrait

2nd April 1979
The Ugly Duckling

2nd April 1980
H.C. Andersen's Signature

2nd April 1981
The Tinder-Box

2nd April 1982
Numskull Jack

2nd April 1984
Shepherdess & ChimneySweep

2nd April 1985
The Tinder-Box

2nd April 1986

29th July 1987
The Sandman

2nd April 1988
The Flying Trunk

2nd April 1991
The Steadfast Tin Soldier

Foreign Postmarks
H.C. Andersen has also been celebrated on foreign (non-Danish) postmarks.  Here are shown two different, one from Germany, and one from Jersey (Channel Islands).  Both show "The Little Mermaid", and were probably used at stamp shows or fairs.  

On 7th April 2005 the German Post Office has issued a very nice commemorative stamp for Andersen's bicentenary.  This stamp was FDC-cancelled in both Berlin and Bonn, as shown below. The German stamp can be seen here. 

The prepaid stamp exists in a number of face values, from 0.60 kr. and upwards.  They are all black on orange background, and all printed on light blue "aerogram-paper". Also an overprinted version (80 øre on 60 øre) exists.  Click on the image to see the aerogram of the face value of 1 kr. The link will open in a new window.

  • Denmark 1972.  Prepaid stamp on an aerogram, issued 1972.  The stamp was never issued for normal postage, but exists only in the prepaid version, and only printed on official aerograms issued by the Danish Post Office.  The illustration shows Andersen himself in his Flying Trunk, ready to conquer the world :-) 

Many thanks to Mr. Erik Jensen, curator of the Danish Postal Museum, Copenhagen, for proof-reading this page. 

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