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Modern paper-cut of Andersen's profile, 
framed in a "stamp-border"

Osaka University of Foreign Studies, Japan (by Bente Høilund, Japan). 
An excellent website in Danish, targeted at Japanese Students learning Danish. 

H.C. Andersen Annotated Web-o-graphy  (by Zvi Har'El, Israel) 
An extensive index of websites world wide about Andersen.  In English 

H.C. Andersen's Fairy Tales in English Translation  (by Zvi Har'El, Israel)
A comprehensive website giving all Andersen's Fairy Tales in English translation.  A wealth of information for the serious Andersen-collector.  In English. 

Hans Christian Andersen on stamps  (by Zvi Har'El, Israel) 
A chronological listing with images of all stamp issues related to Hans Christian Andersen, including FDC's.  In English. 

Hans Christian Andersen Papercuts (The National Library, Copenhagen) 
An online guide to the papercuts by Andersen. In Danish. 

Hans Christian Andersen Adventures with The Post 
An interesting site produced by the Danish Postal Museum in connection with UPU's letter writing competition.  The site tells about how it was to travel in Andersen's time, and how he used many of his own impressions from his many travels in his fairy tales.  In Danish and English. 

Archive of Danish Literature 
Danish Literary Study Circle about H.C. Andersen and his life (in Danish only) 

Odense City Museum 
Very informative site with links to H.C. Andersen Museum, including images of a large number of paper cuts now shown elsewhere, and H.C. Andersen's Childhood Home.  In Danish and English. 

Hans Christian Andersen Museum, Odense 
On this site you can get an impression of the extension of the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen. At present the fairytales are to be found in no less than 145 different written languages!  In the library at the Hans Christian Andersen Museum 123 of the 145 languages are represented. By clicking the buttons on this page you are able to view an example of a fairytale from the library in the language in question. In Danish and English. 

Biographies of some obscure contributors to 19th-century periodicals 
A biography about Charles Beckwith(-Lohmeyer), who published Andersen's fairy tales in England, before the original Danish was published.  

Danish Postal Museum
An excellent site and informative site about Danish postal matters, giving information about special exhibits, and online exhibits.  In Danish and English.

Toke Nørby's Homepage
A highly awarded site about Danish postal history.  In English.

An online collector-club with more than 700 members from all the world, where one is likely to find trading partners.  Online discussion board, philatelic articles, stamp exhibits, free auctions.  Free membership.  

El Mundo (Spain) - El Lado Sado de Andersen - Illustrative Satire about Andersen (in Spanish) 

Stamp Yellow Pages Directory 
The largest, best organized stamp yellow pages directory on the Internet. Thousands of sites listed with 62 categories to choose from.  In English. 

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