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The House of Glücksburg on Stamps 


King Christian IX 

King Frederik VIII 
(Chr. IX's son) 

Great Britain
Queen Alexandra 
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

King George I
(Chr. IX's son) 

Czarina Dagmar
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

Queen Astrid 

King Haakon VII 
(Frederik VIII's son) 

Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte 

Queen Sophia
(Princess of Greece) 

Cr. Princess Helena 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Olga 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Ingrid of Sweden. Queen of Denmark 

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Czeslaw Slania's Engraved Stamps and Banknotes
An extensive online catalogue of Czeslaw Slania's engraved stamps and banknotes, 
covering world wide.  In English. 

Glücksburg Castle
The Cradle of European Dynasties. In German, English and Danish. 

GPFS -- Groupement Philatélique France-Scandinavie
An excellent web site dedicated to all aspects of Scandinavian philately. In French and English.  

Hoelseth's Royal Corner 
An excellent site with information on the royal and princely families of the world. In English. 

Linn's Stamp Magazine
International stamp magazine giving the latest news, both for subscribers and online.  In English.

Joe Luft's Web Resources
Extremely useful site with a constantly growing list of links to websites world wide on any topic you can think of. Winner of web-design prize.  In English.

A very useful site with a constantly growing list of links to websites worldwide on any topic, plus a lot of additional information about stamps.  In English. 

Royalty Related Newsgroups on the Internet:

an unmoderated newsgroup created for the purpose of discussion of all aspects of royalty and nobility of any time period anywhere in the world. The group contains these useful FAQs:

Philatelic Newsgroup (international) 
where questions about Royalty on stamps may be asked. 

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