Joséphine-Charlotte (1927-2005)
~ Grand Duke Jean (1921-)
Ancestress of the Glücksburg Dynasty in Luxembourg


King Christian IX 

King Frederik VIII 
(Chr. IX's son) 

Great Britain
Queen Alexandra 
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

King George I
(Chr. IX's son) 

Czarina Dagmar
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

Queen Astrid 

King Haakon VII 
(Frederik VIII's son) 

Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte 

Queen Sophia
(Princess of Greece) 

Cr. Princess Helena 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Olga 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Ingrid of Sweden. Queen of Denmark 

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Luxembourg 1953. Wedding between Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium and  Prince Jean of Luxembourg. Luxembourg 1967. Château de Berg, the royal residence.

On 9th April 1953 the Glücksburg Family rooted in Luxembourg, when the first child and daughter of King Leopold III and Queen Astrid of Belgium married the hereditary Prince Jean of Luxembourg, who in 1964 was enthroned as Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg. 

  • Luxembourg 1953. The first stamp in a set of six, issued at the occasion of the Royal Wedding. 

  • Luxembourg 1967. Château de Berg. 

The couple settled in the Chateau de Berg, where they were to raise a large family, and one year later the couple had their first child, Princess Marie-Astrid (named after her late grand-mother). Over the years four more children were born, two of them twins. The below set are Caritas-stamps, issued 1967, depicting the five children and the family home top right, where they all grew up in a happy family life. 

Luxembourg 1967. Princess Marie-Astrid. Luxembourg 1967. Prince Henri. Luxembourg 1967. Prince Jean. Luxembourg 1967. Princess Magaretha. Luxembourg 1967. Prince Guillaume.
  • Luxembourg 1967. 

    • Princess Marie-Astrid, born on 17th February 1954. 

    • Prince Henri, born on 16th April 1955 (Grand Duke)

    • Prince Jean, born on 15th May 1957

    • Princess Margaretha, born on 15th May 1957. Impressive how this child has taken after her grand-mother, Queen Astrid of Belgium. 

    • Prince Guillaume, born on 1st May 1963. 

In 1978 the ducal couple celebrated their silver wedding, which was honoured philatelically by this souvenir sheet, containing two postage stamps with the face value of 6 and 12 F, respectively. 

Luxembourg 1978. Souvenir sheet royal silver wedding. Luxembourg 1978. Stamp of 12F. Royal silver wedding.
  • Luxembourg 1978. Souvenir sheet at the couple's silver wedding.
  • Luxembourg 1978. Close-up of the 12F-stamp from the sheet. 

Luxembourg 1981. Wedding between Prince Henri and Miss Marie-Térèse Mestre.

In 1981 Jean's and Joséphine's eldest son, Henri, married Miss Marie Térèsa Mestre, whom he had met in Geneva while studying economics and political science. Miss Mestre herself is educated in the United States and Switzerland, and holds a degree in political science. 

The event was honoured by this stamp, showing the young couple. 

  • Luxembourg 1981. Wedding between Prince Henri of Luxembourg and Miss Marie-Térèsa Mestre. 

In 1995 Luxembourg was Cultural Capital of Europe. Here is a very nice panoramic view of Luxembourg, issued on four se-tenant stamps in a composite design. The stamps are shown largely oversized for a better view. What a picturesque place to live!

Luxembourg 1995. Cultural Capital of Europe.

  • Luxembourg 1995. Cultural Capital of Europe. 

On 7th October 2000, the Grand Duke abdicated in favour of his son, Grand Duke Henri. The Grand-Duchess of Luxembourg is now Maria Teresa, née Maria Térèsa Mestre (1956). She married the Prince Hereditary Henri in 1981. The ducal couple has five children, four sons and one daughter.   

Luxembourg 1988. Souvenir Sheet for JUVLUX 88.

Luxembourg 1988. Duchess Marie Térèse. Luxembourg 1988. Prince Guillaume, Prince Félix, Prince Louis. Luxembourg 1988. Prince Henri of Luxembourg.
  • Luxembourg 1988. The ducal couple with three of their five children. The sheet was issued for JUVALUX 88, International Stamp Exhibition for Youth Philately. 

  • Luxembourg 1988. Close-ups of the three stamps from the sheet. The children are Prince Guillaume, Prince Félix, and Prince Louis. Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastian were not yet born. 

Through this sympathetic young family the Glücksburg Dynasty will live on for a long time in Luxembourg. 

The next generation, personified in the eldest of the couple's sons, Prince Guillaume, turned 18 in 1999, and has now begun his education with regard to taking over from his father some day in the future. 

  • Luxembourg 1999. Prince Guillaume on his 18th birthday. 

The couple's other children are Prince Félix (1984), Prince Louis (1986), Princess Alexandra (1991), and Prince Sebastian (1992). 

Luxembourg 1999. Prince Guillaume.

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