King George I (1845-1913) ~ Olga (1851-1926)
Ancestor of the Glücksburg Dynasty in Greece

(Prince Wilhelm of Denmark)
Son of King Christian IX and Queen Louise of Denmark
Brother of Queen Alexandra of England, and Czarina Dagmar of Russia

King Christian IX 

King Frederik VIII 
(Chr. IX's son) 

Great Britain
Queen Alexandra 
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

King George I
(Chr. IX's son) 

Czarina Dagmar
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

Queen Astrid 

King Haakon VII 
(Frederik VIII's son) 

Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte 

Queen Sophia
(Princess of Greece) 

Cr. Princess Helena 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Olga 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Ingrid of Sweden. Queen of Denmark 

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In 1863 Prince Willam was elected King of Greece. He took the official title of "King of The Hellenes" as a tribute to all Greeks living in Macedonia and Thessalia, which at that moment did not yet belong to the small Greek kingdom. 

Greece 1956. King George I. Greece 1956. Queen Olga.

In 1867 he married Olga, Grand-Duchess of Russia, who was a daughter of Grand-Duke Constantine, brother of Czar Alexander II of Russia. 

In 1913 he was murdered "by accident" by a Bulgarian tourist in Saloniki in 1913, 68 years old. The couple had 7 children  

  • Greece 1956. King George I. 
  • Greece 1956. Queen Olga. 

The couple was blessed with seven children

Constantine I
King of Greece


1869 married to Sophie (1870-1932)
Princess of Prussia, 
Sister of Emperor Wilhelm II

Prince of Greece
High Commiss. of Crete 1901-1906

1907 married to 
Marie Bonaparte,

Princess of Greece
died 1891 while
giving birth

1889 married to Paul,
Grand-Duke of Russia. 

Prince of Greece
1902 married to Helena
Gr.Duchess of 

2 children

Olga, *1903
1923 married to 
Paul, Prince of 


1934 married to
George, Duke of Kent
Brother of King George VI of England

Princess of Greece
1900 married to George
Gr.Duke of Russia

2 daughters









Prince of Greece

1903 married to Alice
Princess of 

5 children, one of whom is

Prince of Greece *1921

1947 married to
Elisabeth II
Queen of England *1926

4 children 

Prince of Greece

1929 married to Francoise,
Princess of Orleans (1902-1953)

1 son
Prince of Greece *1939

Naval Officer
1965 married to Marina Karella *1941





When King George I was murdered in 1913, his eldest son, Prince Constantine, became King of Greece under the name of Constantine I. Already in 1899 he had married Princess Sophie (1870-1932), who was a sister of the German Emperor Wilhelm II, and grand-child of Queen Victoria. 

He was a very unlucky monarch who ruled briefly twice. He was deposed in favor of his son Alexander I in 1917. Upon Alexander I's death in 1920, he was King once more, but was forced to abdicate in 1922 in favour of his eldest son, George II. He died in exile later that year. 

The couple had 6 children of whom three sons became kings of Greece, though for short periods, and one daughter, Princess Helena, became Crown Princess of Romania through her marriage to Crown Prince Carol of Romania, later King Carol II. The Glücksburg Family in Greece was continued through their son Prince Paul, who married Princess Frederika, a grand-child of the Danish King Christian IX's youngest daughter, Princess Thyra of Cumberland. .

Greece 1956. King Constantine I. Greece 1956. Queen Sophia.

  • Greece 1956. King Constantine I. 

  • Greece 1956. Queen Sophia.  

George II
King of Greece
1923-1924 & 1935-1947

1921 married to

Princess of Romania

Daughter of
King Ferdinand
of Romania

No children, and family line extinct. 



King of Greece

1919 married to
Aspasia Manos

One child
Princess of Greece

1944 married to
Peter II
King of Yugoslavia

One child

Princess of Greece
1921-1928 married to
Carol II
King of Romania

One child
Michael *1921
King of Romania
1927-1930 & 1940-1947





King of Greece

1938 married to
Princess of 
Lüneburg, 1917-75 

Queen of Greece

Grandchild of 
Princess Thyra
of Cumberland




Princess of Greece

married twice

Three children









Princess of Greece

1947 married to
Richard Brandram
(British officer)

One child








Alexander was King of Greece 1917-1920, when he was intoxicated by an animal biting him. In 1919 he had married the civil Greek citizen, Miss Aspasia Manos, who was never acknowledged as Queen of Greece. 

She was pregnant when her husband died, and after his death she gave birth to a girl, Princess Alexandra, who later married King Peter II of Yugoslavia. 

Her daughter was the first Greek royal baby of fully Greek blood. 

  • Greece 1956.  King Alexander.
  • Aspasia Manos of Greece. 
Greece 1956. King Alexander. Aspasia Manos, King Alexander of Greece's wife.

After King Alexander's death his elder brother George became king of Greece, under the name of George II, but was forced to abdicate in 1922. 

Greece 1956. King George II. He was ousted in 1924 when a plebiscite abolished the monarchy, but was restored to the throne in 1935- when another plebiscite brought it back. In 1941, he took his government into exile because of the Nazi attack, but was restored to the throne in 1946. 

He had married Elizabeth, who was the daughter of King Ferdinand of Romania, and sister of the later King Carol II of Romania. The couple had no children, and was later divorced. None of them remarried. 

  • Queen Elizabeth, sister of King Carol II of Romania. 

  • Greece 1956.  King George II.  

Upon the death of King George II in 1947 his younger brother, Prince Paul, now became king of Greece under the name of King Paul I.  In 1938 he had married Princess Frederika of Braunschweig-Lüneburg (born 1917), who was a grandchild of the Danish Princess Thyra of Cumberland, the Danish King Christian IX's youngest daughter. He was a known as a decent monarch, but was unpopular in part because of anti-German sentiment directed against Queen Frederika. He died in 1964.

Greece 1964. King Paul I, mourning issue. Greece 1938. Wedding between Prince Paul I and Princess Frederika. Greece 1956. Queen Frederika.
  • Greece 1964.  King Paul I died early 1964. This stamp is part of a large commemorative set. 

  • Greece 1938. Wedding between Princess Frederike and Crown Prince Paul. This stamp is particularly interesting because of the Danish national flag just beneath the crown. Princess Frederike's grand-mother was the Danish Princess Thyra, youngest daughter of King Christian IX, and Crown Prince Paul's grand-father was the Danish Prince Wilhelm who was elected the first king of the Hellenes as King George I. The stamp exists in three face values and three colours. 

  • Greece 1956.  Queen Frederika.

The couple had three children, 

  • Princess Sophia, * 1938, who became Queen of Spain by her marriage in 1962 to King Juan Carlos of Spain,   

  • Prince Constantine, *1940, who later became King of Greece as King Constantine II, and

  • Princess Irene, *1942, who remained unmarried.  

Constantine II
Princess of Greece
Queen of Spain

1962 married to 
Don Juan Carlos 
Spain, *1938

Since 1975 
King Juan Carlos I 
of Spain

Three children 
Princess Elena, *1963 
Princess Christina, *1965 
Crown Prince Felipe, *1968



Crown Prince of Greece 
King of Greece 1964-1967

1964 married to
Anne-Marie, *1946
Princess of Denmark
Queen of Greece


The exiled couple lives in London as  private citizens

Five children
Princess Alexia, *1965
Crown Prince Pavlos, *1967
Prince Nicholaos, *1969
Princess Theodora, *1983
Prince Filippos, *1986


Princess of Greece


Living in Madrid
(Spain) as a 
concert pianist







King Constantine II succeeded his father in 1964. A military coup occurred in April 1967, and he and his family left in self-imposed exile In December that same year. In 1974, a referendum, which some claim was fixed, formally abolished the monarchy. 

When Greece by a referendum in 1967 (again) became a republic,  King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie were exiled and now live in London as civil citizens. He and Queen Anne-Marie have five children: Princess Alexia, Crown Prince Pavlos, Prince Nikolaos, Princess Theodora, and Prince Philippos. 

Greece 1956. Crown Prince Constantine (II) of Grece.

Greece 1964. Wedding between King Constantine II of Greece, and Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark. Wedding photograph 1964 of King Constantine II of Greece and Queen Anne-Marie.
  • Greece 1956. Crown Prince Constantine (II) of Greece.

  • Greece 1964. King Constantine II and Queen Anne-Marie 
    at their wedding in 1964. 

  • Wedding photograph 1964 of the young couple. 

Greece 1963. Greek kings. Stamp #04 in a set of five.

Honouring 100 years of the Kingdom of Greece, the country issued in 1963 a set of stamps showing five Greek kings. The stamp exists in five different face values and five different colours.  

  • Greece 1963. Greek Kings. From left to right:
    King Constantine I,  King Alexander, King George I, King George II, and King Paul I. 

110 years of the Glücksburg Family Era in Greece was definitively over. Constantine II's and Anne-Marie's eldest daughter, Princess Alexia, is married  and lives in Spain; their eldest son, Prince Pavlos, is  married and lives in New York with his wife and 3 children.  

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