Princess Alexandra of Denmark 
~ Edward VII of Great Britain

The Dane who became Princess of Wales


King Christian IX 

King Frederik VIII 
(Chr. IX's son) 

Great Britain
Queen Alexandra 
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

King George I
(Chr. IX's son) 

Czarina Dagmar
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

Queen Astrid 

King Haakon VII 
(Frederik VIII's son) 

Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte 

Queen Sophia
(Princess of Greece) 

Cr. Princess Helena 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Olga 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Ingrid of Sweden. Queen of Denmark 

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The  second child of the Danish King Christian IX, she married in 1863 the British Prince Edward, born 1841 as the eldest son of Queen Victoria of Great Britain (1819-1901). She is thus the ancestress of the British branch of the Glücksburg Dynasty. 

Canada 1908. Crown Princess Alexandra and Crown Prince Edward of Great Britain.

Upon Queen Victoria's death in 1901, Edward assumed the throne as King Edward VII, and Princess Alexandra became Queen of Great Britain. 

  • Canada 1908. Crown Princess Alexandra and Crown Prince Edward VII. 

Queen Alexandra and King Edward VII had six children. The blue columns show the lines of posterity as British sovereigns.  

Albert Victor (Eddie)
Duke of Cumberland
George V
King of England
(*1865) 1910-1936
Princess Royal
Victoria (Toria)
Princess of England 
Princess of England 
Prince of England 
Died 1892 at the age of 28. 
1891 engaged to
Princess of Teck
1893 married to
Mary, Princess of Teck (1867-1953). 
Queen of England 1910-1936. 
1889 married to
Alexander Duff
Duke of Fife
Unmarried 1896 married to
Haakon VII, 1872-1957, 
King of Norway
born and 
dead 1871

Their first son, Albert Victor, the Crown Prince-to-be after his father, prince Edward, died already in 1892 - Queen Victoria was still alive ! - and their second son, Prince George, would now be the new Crown Prince of England. 

 King Edward was known to have continuous romantic affairs with various ladies. One of his more "steady" liaisons was the beautiful and lively Alice Edmonstone Keppel, who had a certain likeness with Queen Alexandra. It was in 1898 that she met the Prince of Wales and, within a matter of weeks, became his mistress. 

Mrs. Alice Keppel. Photograph.

Great Britain 1995. Mrs. Alice Keppel with her daughter Violet Trefusis.

The Prince was fifty-six and Alice twenty-nine. She was an accomplished bridge-player, which appealed to him. "She not only had a gift of happiness but she excelled in making others happy," said a contemporary. Queen Alexandra is said to have preferred the discreet Mrs. Keppel to the Prince's previous mistress. In 1910, when Edward VII was dying and asked for Alice's presence, Queen Alexandra allowed her to be present. 

The Keppel-family rose to renewed prominence with the marriage of Alice's great-grand-daughter, Camilla Parker-Bowles (nee Shand) to Charles, Prince of Wales in April 2005. 

It is worth noting that in a series of ten greetings stamps Great Britain issued in 1995 a remarkable -- yet unnoticed -- stamp, showing Mrs. Keppel with her daughter, Violet Trefusis.  

  • Contemporary photograph of Mrs. Alice Keppel. 

  • Great Britain 1995. Mrs. Alice Keppel with her daughter, Violet. photographed by Alice Hughes. Violet had a love affair with the British author Vita Sackville-West, while Vita and her husband, Harold  Nicolson, lived at Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, south of London, and to avoid a scandal, it was arranged that Violet married Denys Trefusis. 

Note: a British stamp depicting the 20th century garden at Sissinghurst Castle was issued 1983 (SG 1223).

Canada 1910. King George V and Queen Mary.

Before that he had married his late brother's fiancee, Princess  Mary of Teck, who eventually became Queen of England. 

Great Britain 1925. King George V and the British Empire Exhibition.
  • Canada 1910. King George V, and Queen Mary. Scan by courtesy of Canadian Postal Archives. 

  • Great Britain 1925. King George V British Empire Exhibition 1924-25.  

Queen Mary and King George V had six children,  the eldest of whom was the later Edward VIII, who abdicated in 1936 to marry Mrs. Wallis Simpson. All Canadian Newfoundland were issued 1911, and are shown here by courtesy of Canadian Postal Archives. 

Edward VIII
King of England 1894-1936
George VI
King of England
Princess Royal
Duke of Gloucester
Duke of Kent
Rear Admiral
Prince of England
Abdicated 1936
Duke of Windsor

1937 marr. W.Simpson



b. Prince Albert 
Duke of

Lady Elizabeth


"Queen Mother"

1922 married to Henry George

6th Earl of Harewood




Field Marshal
Governor of Australia

1935 married 

Lady Alice
b. 1901



Killed in battle
during WW II
1934 married to
Princess of Greece



Died at
the age of 14









King Edward VIII became King of England in 1936, when he was 41 years old. Although he was known as "Prince Charming" to the British people, he had never found the woman, whom he would want to marry. His only and real love was the American lady, Mrs. Wallis Simpson, whom the British government would never accept as British Queen, because not only was she (twice!) divorced, she was also of Catholic faith ... 

King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Photograph.

Edward VIII was king of England only for 11 months, when he abdicated in order to marry Mrs. Simpson.  

The couple was married in 1937 and retired to France, where they lived as the Duke and the Duchess of Windsor. The had no children. 

Edward died in 1972, and the duchess in 1986.  

Great Britain 1936. King Edward VIII.
  • King Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Simpson. Photograph.

  • Great Britain 1936. King Edward VIII. This is stamp # 1 in a set of four, the only ones from England depicting the king, who was sovereign only from 20th January 1936 - 11th December 1936, before the abdication. 

After King Edward VIII's "scandalous" abdication in 1936 with regard to marrying Mrs. Wallis Simpson, his brother, the Duke of York was the next in line to the British throne (see the light blue column). He assumed his duties as King George VI.  He was married to Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, also known as the Queen Mother, 1900-2002. The below set of four stamps shows her through various stages of her life. Inserted in the center is her husband, King George VI. 

The below stamps show a full set of the Queen Mother (Queen Elizabeth) issued at the occasion of her 90th birthday, combined with the stamp issued 1937 at the occasion of the coronation of her husband, King George VI, as King of Great Britain. 

Great Britain 1990. The Queen Mother at her 90th birthday. Great Britain 1990. Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother). Great Britain 1937. The coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth (The Queen Mother). Great Britain 1990. Duchess of York (The Queen Mother). Great Britain 1990. Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (The Queen Mother).
Queen Mother
As Queen Elizabeth King George VI
Queen Elizabeth
As Duchess 
of York
As Lady Elizabeth

King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon had two daughters, 
the later Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, and Princess Margaret Rose. 

Princess Margaret of Great Britain has never been depicted on stamps. Below is part of the set issued at the occasion of the Golden Wedding of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1997. There are two more stamps in the set of different face values -- 20p and 26p, respectively -- but otherwise absolutely similar. It is a nice set, showing the wedding photograph in b/w, and the golden wedding photograph in colours. 

Elizabeth II
Princess of England
born 1926

Great Britain 1997. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at their wedding.

Great Britain 1997. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at their golden wedding.

Margaret Rose
Princess of England
1930 - 2002

1952 Queen of England
1947 married to 
Philip, Prince of Greece
Duke of Edinburgh, 
born 1921

Son of Prince Andreas 
of Greece and grandson of
King George I of Greece

1960 married to
Anthony Armstrong-Jones
1st Earl of Snowdon

2 children

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have four children  

Prince of Wales
b. 1948
Princess of England
b. 1950
Prince of England
b. 1960
Prince of England
b. 1964
Great Britain 1981. HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer at their wedding. Great Britain 1973. Princess Anne and Captain Mark Spencer at their wedding. Great Britain 1986. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson ("Fergie") at their wedding. Great Britain 1999. Prince Edward and Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones at their wedding.
1981 married to

Lady Diana Spencer

2 children

Crown Prince 
William, *1982
Harry, *1984

1973 married to
Mark Phillips

2 children




1986 married to
Sarah Ferguson,
also known as "Fergie" 

2 children



1999 married to
Sophie Rhys-Jones





The royal couple had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. In 2003, the eldest son, Prince William, crown prince to-be after his father, Prince Charles, turned 21, and this set of four stamps was issued. A good-looking young man, who has taken so much after his mother

Great Britain 2003. Prince William, 28p Great Britain 2003. Prince William. E-postage Great Britain 2003. Prince William, 47p. Great Britain 2003. Prince William, 68p.
  • Great Britain 2003. Set of four stamps issued for Prince William's 21st birthday. 

The marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana was dissolved by divorce 12 years later. Late August 1997 Princess Diana was killed in a tragic car accident in Paris, and was buried at Westminster Abbey on 6th September 1997. Her friend through a long time, the musician Elton John, was asked to play the organ in the church at the funeral, and for the occasion he re-arranged a previous tune by himself "Candle in the Wind", performed as "Good-bye Rose of England".   

On 9th April 2005, Crown Prince Charles married his friend through many years, Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles, who at the same time acquired the official title of Duchess of Cornwall. 

Great Britain 2005. Souvenir sheet. HRH Prince Charles, and Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles at their wedding.

  • Great Britain 2005. Souvenir sheet and first day cover commemorating the wedding. 

Great Britain 2003. First day cover from the wedding of HRH Prince Charles and  Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Among the many attendants to the wedding that took place in the city of Windsor outside London, were Crown Prince Charles' two sons by the late Princess Diana, Crown Prince William, *1982, and Prince Harry, *1984.  

The royal wedding was first set for 8th April 2004, but was postponed by one day, because of the funeral of the Pope John Paul II, that took place in Rome on the originally set wedding day. Note that the cover itself mentions the wedding day 9th April 2005, but the first day cancel the 8th April 2005. The text on the souvenir sheet is in both English and Welsh. 

The ring is closed. Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles' great grandmother was Mrs. Alice Keppel, the mistress of King Edward VII. 

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