Christian IX (1818-1906) ~ Louise (1817-1898)
Father-in-Law of Europe


King Christian IX 

King Frederik VIII 
(Chr. IX's son) 

Great Britain
Queen Alexandra 
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

King George I
(Chr. IX's son) 

Czarina Dagmar
(Chr. IX's daughter) 

Queen Astrid 

King Haakon VII 
(Frederik VIII's son) 

Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte 

Queen Sophia
(Princess of Greece) 

Cr. Princess Helena 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Olga 
(Princess of Greece) 

Princess Ingrid of Sweden. Queen of Denmark 

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Denmark 1904. King Christian IX.

Prince of Glücksburg, King of Denmark 1863-1906

also known as 
"The Father-In-Law of Europe"

1842 married to

Princess Louise of Hessen-Kassel
Great-grandchild on mother's side of King Frederik V of Denmark

Denmark 1904. The first Danish Christmas Seal. Queen Louise.

The couple had six children, (three sons and three daughters) of whom two sons would be kings, and two daughters would marry to be queens of enormous empires. These four are described detailed on the relevant pages for Great Britain, Greece, Denmark (Frederik VIII), and Russia. 

Their youngest daughter, Princess Thyra, married Ernst August, Duke of Cumberland (Germany), and lived to the end of her days with her family in Gmünden, Austria.  Their posterity are now "civil members" of the Glücksburg-Family.

Their youngest son, Prince Valdemar, became a Danish naval officer, and married Marie, Princess of Orleans, France.  Prince Valdemar and Princess Marie had 5 children, the Princes Aage (1887-1940), Axel (1888-1964), Erik (1880-1950), Viggo (1893-1970) and Princess Margrethe (1895- ). Princess Margrethe married in 1921 René, Prince of Bourbon-Parma, and had by him 4 children, Prince Jacques, Princess Anne (married to ex-king Michael of Romania), Prince Michel and Prince André of Bourbon-Parma.
Frederik VIII (Fredy)
Alexandra (Alix)
Wilhelm (Willy)
Dagmar (Minnie)
King of Denmark

1869 married to
Princess of Sweden

Princess of Denmark
Queen of Great Britain

1863 married to 
Edward VII *1841
King of Great Britain 1901-1910

Prince of Denmark

1863 elected King George I
of Greece

1867 married to
Grand Duchess
of Russia (1851-1926)
Princess of Denmark
Czarina of Russia

1866 married to

Alexander III
Czar of Russia *1845 

Princess of Denmark, 
Duchess of Cumberland 

Queen Frederika
of Greece 

Prince of Denmark

married to

Marie, Princess of Orléans

Five of the Royal Couple's six children. Click on any of the photographs to see enlargements. The links will open in a new window. 

Crown Prince Frederik VIII of Denmark. Prince Wilhelm of Denmark, elected King George I of Greece. Princess Alexandra of Denmark, (later Queen of Great Britain) and Princess Dagmar of Denmark (later Czarina Maria Feodorovna of Russia). Princess Thyra of Denmark.
  • Crown Prince Frederik (VIII) at the age of 9 years old. Painting by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann 1852.
  • Prince Wilhelm (later King George I of Greece) at the age of 8 years. Painting by A. Schiott 1852.
  • Princess Alexandra (later Queen of Great Britain) 12 years old, and Princess Dagmar (later Czarina Maria Feodorovna of Russia), 9 years old. Painting by Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann 1856. 
  • Princess Thyra at the age of 4 years. Painting by A. Schiott 1857. 
Six famous siblings: King George I of Greece, Czarina Maria Feodorovna of Russia, Queen Alexandra of England, Crown Prince Frederik (VIII) of Denmark, Princess Thyra of Denmark, and Prince Valdemar of Denmark.

Denmark 1994. The royal summer residence Fredensborg Slot.

Six famous siblings photographed in front of the royal summer residence Fredensborg Castle, located c. 40 km north of Copenhagen, at their parents' Golden Jubilee in 1882. Click on the image to see large version. The link will open in a new window. 

  • King George I of Greece, 

  • Czarina Dagmar of Russia, 

  • Queen Alexandra of England, 

  • Crown Prince Frederik (VIII) of Denmark, 

  • Princess Thyra, and 

  • Prince Valdemar. 

  • Denmark 1994. Fredensborg Castle. 

Further Prince Valdemar and Princess Marie of Orléans became parents of Prince Axel (1888-1964), who in his marriage to the Swedish Princess Margaretha had a son, Prince Georg (born 1920).  In 1950 Prince Georg married Lady Anne Bowes-Lyon, a sister of the British Queen Mother, Lady Elizabeth Bowes- Lyon. 

In 1886 Prince Valdemar was asked by the State of Bulgaria to assume the Bulgarian Throne as Czar of  Bulgaria. The prince declined the offer, and instead Bulgaria elected Prince Ferdinand of Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha. He first married 1893 Princess Marie-Louise of Bourbon-Parma (1877-1899).  His father was Prince August of Sachsen-Coburg (1818-1881), and his mother Clementine (1817-1907), a daughter of the French King Louis Philippe. Through his marriage he was thus first cousin to both his father-in-law (King Louis Philippe, France) and King Edward VII (England).  He was elected Czar of Bulgaria in 1887, but was forced in 1918 to abdicate for the benefit of his son, Boris. 

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