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Including The Faeroe Islands (28 years)
Greenland (30 years) and 
Former Danish West Indies (10 years) 

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This website is created and maintained by Ann Mette Heindorff, a Danish stamp collector since 1952.  The purpose for this site is to show all Danish Christmas Seals in an online catalogue since they were first issued in 1904.  Further the site contains the seals of the Faeroe Islands, Greenland and the Danish West Indies, the latter belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark until 31st March 1917, when the islands were ceded to the United States. 

Above are shown the first Christmas Seal issues for each of the four countries,
Denmark 1904,  Faeroe Islands 1976,  Greenland 1974, and Danish West Indies 1907.

Please note, that none of the items or other material shown on this site are for sale or trade.  The site serves only for reference purposes as a help to the collector of Christmas Seals from Denmark and Danish present and former dependencies.  Christmas seals are readily available from dealers, both in Denmark and the US, at very affordable prices.  Consult the link-page on this site.  

In later years this collectible has become immensely popular among stamp collectors, because it is still possible to have all of these seals.  Many people even like to collect "full sheets", assembled from the various individual cinderellas of the particular years of issue.  

To view the individual years, please click on any of the Danish year-links corresponding to the issue you want to view.  There are full images of all annual sheets. If you have any questions about the individual issues feel free to email me, and I will get in touch with you soonest possible, normally within 48 hours.  I hope this site will prove useful to the many collectors of Christmas Seals, and I welcome any feedback with pleasure. 

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My thanks go to The Christmas Seal Foundation (Denmark), Mr. Toke Norby (Denmark), Mr. Knud Wacher (Faeroese Post Office), and Mr. Pierre Courtiade (France) for their contributions, help and research. 

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