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  • Julemaerkefonden
    The Danish Christmas Seal Foundation, where Danish Christmas Seals can be bought online.  Only in Danish.  Christmas seals are available for the actual year, and 3 years back.

  • Postverk Foroya
    Faeroese Postal Administration, where Faeroese Christmas Seals can be bought.  Sheets are available for the actual year, + 1 year back.  In Faeroese, Danish, English, German, and French.   

  • POST Greenland
    Greenland Christmas Seals are distributed and sold by POST Greenland.  Orders, change of address, or queries concerning a standing order for Greenlandic Christmas Seals should be sent to:  Iuulip Nipittagaa, Den Groenlandske Julemaerkefond, Telephone (+299) 98 18 33, Fax (+299) 98 18 34.  (The Greenlandic Christmas Seal Foundation is not online). 

  • Christmas Seal Carrier (by Sarah Petersson, Denmark).  
    Online shop located in Denmark for Christmas seals from Denmark, Faeroe Islands, Greenland and former Danish West Indies.  Site in Danish and English.  Good stock of excellent material.  Highly recommendable.  

  • DanStamps (by Michael Appel, Denmark).  
    A very informative site, including information about various types of perforations.  Highly recommendable for the serious collector.  In English.

  • Groupement Philatélique France-Scandinavie (by Michel Desmadril, France)
    An excellent site dedicated to Scandinavian philately, including the Danish Christmas Seals. In French and English.  

  • John Denune
    US-dealer of Christmas Seals, located in Ohio. Good stock of Christmas seals world wide. Highly recommendable. 

  • Joe Luft's Web Resources 

  • JulemærkeSamleren (The Christmas Seal Collector) 
    Danish Collectors Club for Danish Christmas Seals. In Danish. 

  • Kirsten Petersen's Julemærker
    A very nice site about Danish Christmas Seals, including information about artists, printing, etc.  Extremely good layout and easy navigation.  In Danish -- and a coming version in English. 

  • Merry Christmas in over 350 different languages 
    Great site giving information about how to say "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" in more than 350 different languages.  Information with flags and maps about where the individual languages are spoken.  

  • Northwind (Canada)
    Canada-based dealer specialized in Scandinavian Philately.  Also a section about Danish Christmas Seals.  In English and French.

  • Stamps2come 
    The Number One search engine in Asia, with philatelic links and discussion forum. 

  • Stamp Yellow Pages Directory 
    The largest, best organized stamp yellow pages directory on the Internet. Thousands of sites listed with 62 categories to choose from.  In English. 

  • Scandinavia Philatelic Society (UK)
    A society for collectors of stamps, postcards, postal history etc. of greater Scandinavia i.e. Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Greenland, Faeroe Islands, Danish West Indies, Aland and Spitzbergen.  Good reference site in English. 

  • Stamporama 
    The Stamp Club for People who Love Stamps.  An Internet-club based in Canada, with at present more than 675 members from 47 states, 11 provinces and territories of Canada, and 62 other countries. There are members from the age of 8 to 80, whose interests cover the entire range of collecting, from cancellations to "Back of the Book." Members include beginners to experts, and the best part is that everyone is there to help each other. Membership is completely free. --  Club activities include a discussion board, possibility for online philatelic exhibits, philatelic articles written by the members, an extensive FAQ, a round robin, and an auction where you can list anything philatelic for sale, absolutely free of charge; probably it is one of the few places -- if not the only one -- on the Internet that do not charge their members for auction-fees.  

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