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Greenland is an autonomous region of Denmark with its own postal administration since 1937.  Greenland became a member of the Universal Postal Union in 1938.  Since 1974 Greenland has issued her own Christmas Seals in the Danish tradition.  Sinde 1994, Greenland issues normal Christmas Stamps, valid for postage, in addition to the Christmas Seals.  The postage stamps for Christmas are beyond the scope of this site, which deals only with the charitable labels.  If you need Christmas stamps with postal value, please consult a stamp catalogue. 

During the first years 1974-1978 all seals in a sheet were alike, but from 1979 and later the seals of a sheet became different.  Greenlandic Christmas Seals are sold in sheets of 50.  The proceeds from the sale is forwarded to the Greenlandic organisation "Save the Child".  On this page are shown the seals of the first five years of issue; for the subsequent years  please choose a year in the navigation for an issue you want to study further. 

Please note, that in opposition to Greenlandic postage stamps where the country's name is written in two languages (Greenlandic and Danish), the country's name on the Christmas seals is only in Greenlandic:  "Kalaallit Nunaat" (or in more archaic Greenlandic:  Kalâdtlit-Nunât).  The name as such means "The Land of Man".  The words "Jûtdlime Pivdluarit" mean "Merry Christmas". 

  • 1974.  Baby Reindeer and grouse.  Sheet of 50 seals.  
    The star constellation in the background features "The Bear", the Nordic "counter piece" to the southern hemisphere's "Southern Cross", the latter featured on the Christmas Seal from The Danish West Indies 1916.  

The 1974-seal was also re-issued in an official reprint (in four different varieties) in 1993.   The different varieties appear in souvenir sheets together with the seals of later years.

  • 1978.  Pair of seals featuring a stylized Eskimo and a map of Greenland, decorated with snow crystals in golden print.  Sheet of 2 x 25 seals, all interchanging.


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