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Christmas Trolls and Knitting Patterns 


The young and talented Edward Fuglø, who created the Faeroese Christmas Seals in 1997, 1999, and 2001, is again this year the artist behind the annual Faeroese Christmas Seal.  


Edward was born 1965 and grew up in Klaksvik, where he still lives as a professional artist, surprising again and again his audience with his original, modern and creative style.  He was trained at the Academy for Applied Arts in Copenhagen (1987-1991), and shows his many talents through stage design, painting, stamp design, and illustration of children's books.  In 2001 Edward Fuglø was awarded the Nordic Illustrators Prize for his work.


The proceeds of the sale of the Christmas Seal will, as usual, be forward to the Faeroese Christmas Seal Foundation for aid to socially weak children.  


The sheet depicts various Christmas Trolls, which in Faeroese means a knitted work the knitter didn't manage to finish before Christmas.  

This was considered absolutely shameful for him/her, and the half-finished work was displayed to everyone in the farmhouse's sitting-room, also called the Smoking Room. The Christmas Trolls and their habits are still very much alive on the Faeroe Islands.  

The sheet displays 30 different Faeroese knitting patterns  that were used for mittens, huts, socks, sweaters, or even woolen blankets.  The patterns are strongly personal works of Faeroese women, and many of them have been named after the woman who originally designed them, such as "Sibylla's Pattern" (number 3 in the first row).   

Others have been given more poetic names, such as "waves", "day and night", "stars", "female cat's nose", "goose eye", and  "horseface".  

These patterns are easily recognizable on the Faeroe Islands, and often one can tell who did the knitting work, just by having a look at it.  

The word "Jólatrøll", meaning "Christmas Troll", is printed to the right on the upper selvedge of the sheet.  

All the original patterns are collected in a book "Faeroese Knitting Patterns", published 1932 by Hans Marius Debes. 

Designer:  Edward Fuglø.
First Sales Day:  3rd November 2003.
Print Run: approximately 35.000 sheets.  

Published 1999. Revised  12 jun 2004 
Copyright © by Ann Mette Heindorff
All Rights Reserved

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