Faeroe Islands 2002

This year's Christmas Seal sheet from the Faeroe Islands depicts various snow crystals, reminding us all of the upcoming winter and White Christmas.  The background colour of the seals interchange with a midnight blue and a lighter blue shade.  The sheet contains 30 seals, and although many of the crystals seem alike, not too of them are the same.  In the selvedges are printed smaller blurred-out snow crystals of the same design.  On the sheet the crystals appear beautifully embossed, nearly like laces. 

The designer is the Faeroese artist Astrid Andreasen, who made the crystals as hand made paper cuttings, and who has also created the snow crystals as Christmas Tree decorations, made of thin plates of gilt metal.  Their diameter is 8 cm. 

Designer:  Astrid Andreasen.
First Sales Day:  4th November 2002.
Print Run: approximately 35.000 sheets. 


Published 1999. Revised  12 jun 2004 
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