A large number of the early Danish Christmas Seals have been reprinted by the Christmas Seal Foundation.  Such reprints are made from the original dies and plates, but on different paper than the original prints, and without visible gum.  All reprints appear in sheetlets of 10 seals, marked as "Nytryk [year]", meaning "reprint" on the front side of the sheetlet.  Also the perforation may vary slightly from the original seal. 

All reprints 1904-1954 (first and second issues) are listed in the Danish AFA-catalogue 2000.

In order to distinguish clearly official reprints from the originals (when sold as singles) the individual seals have the notion "Reprint [year]" on the backside.  

Below is shown a reprint of the 1911-issue, both front and back.  For your convenience an image of the original 1911-seal is shown left for comparison.

Published 1999. Revised  12 jun 2004 
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