This is a very nice sheet, showing a map of Denmark.  In the top middle are inserted the Faeroe Islands with their national flag. To the right is inserted Greenland with Father Christmas and the Greenland-woman like she is shown also on the seal from 1921.  Within the Danish regions the most well known regional symbols are shown, for instance the Dagmar Cross (Byzantine Art) in western Jutland. 

Please note that 1959 also exists as an overprint on the 1953-sheet.  The reason for this was that the Christmas Seal Foundation had printed too few of the ordinary 1959-sheet (shown below) to meet the actual public demand, and therefore the remaining, still unsold sheets from 1953 were overprinted with 1959.

For your convenience a fragment of the overprinted version is shown to the right, and a copy of the full overprinted is shown at the bottom of the page. 

Published 5th November 1959. 
Print run: 60 mill.

Sold out immediately.

Price when published: 0.04 DKK per seal in full sheets of 50. 

Overprint on the 1953-sheet

Published November/December 1959. 
Print run: unknown. 

Price when published: 0.04 DKK per seal in full sheets of 50. 

First published December 1999. Last revised  12 jun 2004 
Copyright 1999 by Ann Mette Heindorff
All Rights Reserved

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