Please note that 1951 also exists as an overprint on the 1950-sheet (the Poinsettia).   The reason for this was that the Christmas Seal Foundation had printed too few of the ordinary 1951-sheet (shown below) to meet the actual public demand, and therefore the remaining, still unsold sheets from 1950 were overprinted with 1951.  For your convenience a single stamp of the overprinted version is shown to the right.  Full sheets of 50 are extremely scarce and, if available at all, priced beyond reach of ordinary collectors.  

Published as "emergency" December 1951. 
Print run: c. 400.000.  Scarce. 
Samples on cover do exist, but are extremely scarce.    

The "ordinary" sheet shows a decorated Christmas Tree, lit candles, and an ornament saying "Denmark, Christmas 1951". The text on the upper selvedge says:  "The Christmas Sanatoriums are run only from the proceeds of the sale of Christmas Sheets.  No Christmas mail without Christmas Seals".   

The text on the lower selvedge says:  "Each day throughout the year the Sanatoriums have 367 children in their care.  The bigger the proceeds, the better help".   


Published 15th November 1951.
Print run: 52,500,000. 
Price when published: 0.02 DKK per seal in full sheets of 50.
Sold out November 1951.  

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