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The 1942-seal shows the Danish Queen Margrethe II at the age of 2 years in 1942.  Exactly 30 years later -- in 1972 -- Princess Margrethe became Queen of Denmark.

The card is franked with Scott # 224 and 230.  

It is cancelled on 22nd December 1922 in Svendborg, a city in the southern part of the island of Funen, and delivered to an address in Elsinore on Zeeland.

Also the 1947-seal reflects history.  The "old king", Christian X, passed away earlier that year, and his eldest son, Crown Prince Frederik, assumed the Danish throne as King Frederik IX.  He is depicted on the seal together with his wife, Queen Ingrid, whom he had married in 1935 in Stockholm.  Queen Ingrid was a daughter of the then Swedish king.  King Frederik IX passed away in 1972, and his eldest daughter, Princess Margrethe, assumed the throne as Queen Margrethe II.

The card is interesting, since the Christmas seal shows the new king and queen, and one of the stamps used for postage was the new king's late father, King Christian X.  

The stamps used for postage are Scott # 224 and 280.  The card is cancelled on 31st December 1947 in Hillerød, a town in the northern part of Zeeland and delivered to an address in Fredensborg, only 15 miles away.  

As late as in 1962 all sheets for 1904, 1905, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1916 and the overprint 1951/50 were sold out.  At that time the remaining sheets were for sale at 200,00 DKK per sheet.  The Christmas Seal Foundation, which is a private company, now only carries full sheets three years back, and the remaining part of any unsold sheets prior to the "latest 3 years" are destructed.  

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