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The card is franked with Scott # 102 and is cancelled on 24th December 1927 in Skodsborg, a suburb north of Copenhagen, and delivered to an address in Nyköbing Sjaelland, a small provincial town in the northern part of Zeeland. 


  • 1927.  Postmaster Einar Holbøll In Memoriam.  First published 1st December 1927.  Artist:  Kongsted.  Print by Kruchow-Walldorff.  

The 1935-seal shows the Holy Virgin with Baby Jesus.  

The card is franked with Scott # 246, which was issued that same year in commemoration of the centenary of the publication of the earliest installment of Hans Christian Andersen's "Fairy Tales". 

The stamps are cancelled on 23rd December 1935, and is sent for local postage from one village to another on the island of Funen.

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