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Danish Christmas Seals often reflect our local history.  1919 was the first year in freedom after World War I, and it was therefore natural to fly the Danish national Flag "Dannebrog" on the annual Christmas Seal.

The card is franked with Scott # 65 and is cancelled in Ejby -- a small village on the island of Funen -- and delivered to an address in Horsens, Jutland, only about 25 miles away across the Little Belt.


Denmark has always been a nation of see farers, which is reflected on the 1922-seal showing the training ship "Copenhagen".

The card is franked with Scott # 99, and is slightly overfranked, since the normal domestic rate for that time was only 15 ore.

It is cancelled on 23rd December 1922 and sent from Brande, a small town in the heart of Jutland, and delivered to an address in the northern part of Jutland, north of the Limfjord.

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