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Hunderetwasser. Self-portrait.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser 
(originally Friedrich Stowasser)
15th Dec. 1928 - 19th Feb. 2000

Extraordinary Art in Stamp Format

Hundertwasser. Photograph.

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Hundertwasser is one of the most popular and at the same time most underrated artists of our time. There are many reasons for this gap between popularity and critical acclaim, the discrepancy between the spread versus the repute of his work. One of the main ones may be his popularity itself - the reasons for it and the skepticism which the popularity of any contemporary artist evokes almost as a matter of course in professional experts on modern art.  Please click on any link below to see the stamps from the individual countries.   

His artistic name "Hundertwasser" was constructed by himself by translating the Slavic word "sto" (part of his original family name) to "hundert" [German for hundred], hence Hundertwasser :-) 


France Eur. Council

Cabo Verde






UN - Geneva

UN - New York

UN - Vienna

New Zealand - (Universal Mail)

A Pictorial Postmark

The three Sedang Cinderellas, 
issued January 2003, do not have their own page on this site, simply  because I do not have them. 

Below is the link to the official  homepage where they are displayed.

Sedang Cinderellas January 2003

Hundertwasser Obituary

In opposition to most art stamps, Hundertwasser's stamps generally do not show reproductions of his existing art works, but are original designs for stamps.  In the few cases where an existing art work is the basis for the stamp, it is particularly mentioned on the individual pages. 

Complete checklist of Hundertwasser Stamps World Wide 
(no cinderellas on this list)

Hundertwasser was very productive, not only with paintings, but also in architecture.  Below are given a few links to places of interest, showing Hundertwasser's architectural designs, and more general links about his life and works of art.  If only for the entertainment value the links are absolutely worth visiting.  

This site does not reflect my own collection of Hundertwasser stamps and philatelic material, but serves merely as a reference site for Hundertwasser-collectors.  My sincere thanks go to my collector friend who has helped me set up the site, but who wishes to remain anonymous to the public. 

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