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If you wish to exchange philatelic links, you are welcome to do so.  Simply copy/paste the below site banner and/or the URL description into your site where you want it to appear.  Please email me when you have made a link to this site, so that I can make a reciprocal link to yours.  Your link will appear on this page in alphabetical order.  

Art History on Stamps. Site Banner,

A site describing art history through times, giving at the same time an overview of selected artists and their works representative for a given style, as shown on postage stamps and philatelic material

Links In Alphabetical Order: 

Art Gallery World Wide 
An extensive website displaying arts of all genres. Different gallery portals for Fine Art, Abstract Art, Landscape Art, Fantasy Art, Oil Paintings. In English. 

Bridges in Paintings on Stamps (by Michel Wagner, France). 
A very interesting website introducing bridges in the context of world famous paintings on stamps, spanning from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism and the Far East. The site contains an index of artists who have integrated bridges in their paintings, e.g. the Rialto Bridge in Venice by Canaletto, "feature articles", a section about the most represented bridges on stamps, and an article about new issues. A site well worth visiting. In French and English. 

Czech Art Stamps (by Gerhard Batz, Germany)
A highly recommendable site about Czech arts on stamps with a lot of factual information about the stamps, artists etc.  Constantly growing site about new stamps and their artists and engravers. German and English language.  Winner of web-design prizes.

Czeslaw Slania's Engravings (by Ann Mette Heindorff, Denmark)
An extensive online catalogue of Czeslaw Slania's engraved stamps and banknotes, covering world wide. Online discussion room (Yahoo).  Searchable database of all Slania's engraved stamps with catalogue numbers after Scott, Stanley Gibbons, Michel, and Yvert & Tellier available upon request.  A highly awarded site.  In English.

Delcampe Auctions (by Sebastien Delcampe, Belgium)
Philatelists of all over the world discover here the most simple, complete and effective site dedicated to philatelic auctions.  In English, French and Dutch. 

Directory Recreation The Comprehensive Recreation Web Directory. The online Recreation directory designed to help its users find the online recreation source, companies, products, services, and information.

Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales and Stories (by Zvi Har'el, Israel)
Zvi Har'el's excellent and extensive site about H.C. Andersen, including chronological listings. 

History on Stamps (by Bjorn H. Bakken, Norway)
Excellent site featuring (political) History on Stamps, as well as philatelic themes such as forgeries, perfins, and more.  Highly recommendable.  In English. 

Hundertwasser-Philately (by Harry Hoffmeister, Germany)
A very good and informative site about Friedensreich Hundertwasser and the philatelic aspect of his art.  In German and English. 

Indian Stamps, Thematic page 
Vijaya and Venkat Tata's excellent page of Indian stamps. Extensive and comprehensive link page to thematics world wide. In English. 

Joe Luft's Web Resources
Extremely useful site with a constantly growing list of links to websites world wide on any topic you can think of. 

Lithuanian Stamps (by Tomas Rimdeika, Lithuania) 
A virtual collection of Lithuanian stamps with a lot of information, arranged by topic. In Lithuanian and English. 

Pierre Albuisson's Engraved Stamps (by Ann Mette Heindorff, Denmark)
An extensive website showing the French Engraver Pierre Albuisson's engravings for France and the francophone world, that include a large number of art stamps. In English and French. 

Stamp Collecting at "I Collect Stamps"
Stamp Collector's Portal. Free collection software, Stamps for sale and wanted, Stamp collector prices realized database, image galleries, and much more. 

A very useful site with a constantly growing list of links to websites worldwide on any topic, plus a lot of additional information about stamps. 

Timbrés de la Côte d'Opale (France)
Listing of philatelic websites and auction-houses. Free service for philatelic ads (trade, sale). 

Universal Postal Union (Switzerland)
A lot of information about UPU, and links to all postal authorities world wide.  In English and French. 

WeBidz Online Auctions 
This company has been a supplier/wholesaler to many online sellers for many years. We have heard many stories of grief regarding profit margins when selling in online auctions. We have lost many customers/resellers because they were actually losing money after paying all their fees to ebay and paypal. After years of seeing dreams washed down the drain, we decided to build an alternative website where basic listing is free and the final value fees are affordable. So if a users item does not sell, they pay no fees. Registration is easy and listing is always free!

William Scheckel's Hundertwasser Resources (by William Scheckel, USA) 
The ultimate Internet-resource about Hundertwasser stamps and philately.  In English  

Philatelic Publications
Gibbons Stamp Monthly
Linn's Stamp News
Stamp Collector Newspaper
Stamp Magazine (from UK) 

Postal Agency Philatelic Sites

United States Finland Norway
US Postal Rates Gibraltar Pakistan
Postal Explorer (Domestic Mail Manual) Greenland Pitcairn Island
Australia Hong Kong Post Polish Post
Austria Iceland Post Portugal
Belarus India Singapore
Belgium Indonesia Slovak Republic
Britain An Post (Ireland) South Africa (slow site)
Brunei Philatelic Bureau Israel South Korea
Canada Japan Sweden
Crown Agents Stamp Bureau Latvia Swiss Post
Czech Republic Lithuania Taiwan
Denmark Malaysia Tonga
Faeroe Islands Netherlands United Nations
Fiji New Zealand Vanuatu 

If you know of any links that you think should be included on this page, please send me an email by using the email-link immediately below.  I will also be happy to be notified if any link on this page has ceased to work.   Thank you for your co-operation. 

This site as a whole contains links to other Internet websites. I take no responsibility or undertake no liability for information or services mentioned in such sites.  

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