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Nicolas Mignard
(also known as Mignard d'Avignon)
Pierre Mignard
(also known as Mignard le Romain) 1612-1695

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Nicolas Mignard was born in Troyes (Champagne district, France) where he studied painting with a local artist before going to Fontainebleau to copy the Mannerist frescoes there. His first recorded work was a fresco in a Provence convent in 1633. In 1635 he moved to Rome with the Cardinal Archbishop of Lyon. 

He returned to Avignon to paint altarpieces for houses and churches. While in Avignon he married, and his work while living there gave him the nickname "Mignard d'Avignon".

in 1660 Mignard was commissioned by the French court to paint portraits of the courtiers. After attracting the attention of King Louis XIV, he was sent to Paris to work as a portrait painter and to decorate one of the rooms in the palace. He joined the Academie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture and became a professor. 

The set on the right are all semi-postals for the benefit of French Red Cross. All of the original art works belong to the Calcet Museum, Avignon, France. 

  • Top row: 
    France 1968. "Spring", and France 1969. "Summer". 

  • Bottom row: 
    France 1968: "Autumn" and France 1969. "Winter". 

Below are shown two maximum cards of Nicolas Mignard's paintings "Summer" and "Winter" respectively. I find it interesting to compare the original paintings with the engraved monochromatic reproductions. Both cards are first day cancelled on 13th December 1969 in Avignon, France. Design by P. Gandon, and engraving by P. Béquet.  

As there are no maximum cards for "Spring" and "Autumn", I would like instead to show this nice collective proof containing a block of four of each of the stamps. 

Both stamps are semi-postals for the benefit of French Red Cross. Design and engraving by the French engraver Pierre Gandon. 

  • Left
    France 1968. "Le Printemps". 
  • Right:
    France 1969. "L'Automne". 

The stamps were valid postage for postal cards (25c), and plain letters (30c)

Nicolas Mignard should not be confused with his younger brother, Pierre Mignard (1612-1695), also known as "Mignard le Romain" who, like his brother, was also a recognized painter, but was more attracted to painting portraits of the French nobility and upper class people. 

Within philately not much is known about Pierre Mignard, except for his exquisite portrait of the French playwright Molière. 

  • France 1944. Molière, after a painting by Pierre Mignard. 
  • Photograph of Pierre Mignard's original painting of Molière. 


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