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a web site that describes the development of art history through times as illustrated on postage stamps, giving at the same time an overview of selected artists and their works representative for a given style. Although covering a large part of art history, this site does not pretend to be the ultimate guide to the subject matter, but it will -- hopefully -- give the collector an idea of how a collection could be organized.  Art styles are included on the site in the measure stamps have been issued to illustrate them; click here for a complete listing of art styles

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Art Styles 
    Cave Art (32,000 BC - 11,000 BC) 
    Egyptian Art (3000 BC - 30 BC)

    Greek Art (Archaic Period, 700 BC - 480 BC)
    Etruscan Art (9th cent.BC - 1st cent. BC) 

    - Crater of Vix 
    Byzantine Art (c. 450 - 1450) 
    - Post Byzantine Art (c. 1435 - c. 1500)
    Romanesque Art  (c. 1000 - c. 1250)
    Gothic Art and Architecture (c. 1140 - c. 1500)

    Renaissance Period (c. 1400 - c. 1600) 
    - Copenhagen in the Renaissance  

    Baroque Period (c. 1600 - c. 1730)

    Rococo Period (c. 1730 - c. 1770)

    Neo Classicism (c. 1760 - c. 1850)

    Romanticism (c. 1810 - c. 1840) 
    Realism / Naturalism (c. 1840 - c. 1870) 

    Impressionism (c. 1870 - c. 1905) 

    - Post-Impressionism (c. 1895 - c. 1900) 

    - Pointillism (early 20th century) 
    Symbolism (c. 1890 - c. 1910) 
    Art Nouveau (c. 1890 - c. 1910) 

    Expressionism (20th century) 
    - De Stijl (c. 1917 - c. 1932) 

Bauhaus Movement (c. 1919 - c. 1933)  
    - Functionalism (late 19th - early 20th century) 
    Art Deco (1920s - 1930s) 
    Suprematism (c. 1913 - c. 1935)
    Naivism (19th - 20th century)

Group Of Seven (Canada) 
    Cobra Group:  

Folk Art and Native Art 
Aboriginal Art (Australia)
    Inuit Art (Eskimo Art) 
    Pueblo (Native American Art) 
    Russian Lacquers (Fedoskino Lacquer Works) 

    Mauritius (Native Art)  

Oriental Art 

Erni, Hans -- Switzerland 
    Rockwell, Norman -- USA     

Yann Arthus-Bertrand -- France 

Bernini, Gian Lorenzo -- Italian sculptor 
    Borglum, Gutzon -- American sculptor

    Canova, Antonio -- Italian sculptor 
    Carpeaux, Jean Baptiste -- French sculptor
    Černigoj, Avgust -- Slovenian sculptor   
Terracotta Army -- China 
    Rodin, Auguste -- France
    Thorvaldsen, Bertel -- Denmark 

Bayeux Tapestry (Romanesque Art)

Apocalypse (Gothic Art) 
    Duke of Berry (Gothic Art) 
    Unicorn Lady (Renaissance Art)

Bauhaus Movement 

    Black Diamond -- National Library, Copenhagen 
    Gaudi, Antoni -- Spain 
    Gropius, Walther -- German/American 
    Le Corbusier -- French
    Le Vau, Louis -- French
    Maderno, Carlo -- Italy  
    Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig -- German/American
    Niemeyer, Oscar -- Brazil      
    Saarinen, Eero -- Finnish/American 
    Spreckelsen, Johann Otto von -- Denmark 
    Utzon, Jorn -- Denmark  
    Lloyd Wright, Frank -- USA 

Andersen, H.C. -- Denmark (opens a new window)
    Camões, Luis Vaz de -- Portugal 
    Cervantes, Miguel -- Spain

    Dante Alighieri -- Italy

    Djurhuus, Janus -- Faeroe Islands 
    Douglass, Frederick -- USA
    Homer -- Greece 
    Lindgren, Astrid -- Sweden 

    Mallarmé, Stéphane -- France
    Outlaws of the Marsh -- China  
    Pushkin, Alexandr Sergeyevitch -- Russia 
    Shakespeare, William -- Great Britain 
    Twain, Mark -- USA 
    Verne, Jules -- France

For Youth Collectors -- Thematics in Art
Birds in Art 
    World Cultural Heritage (opens in a new window)
    Andersen, H.C. (opens in a new window) 
    Vikings on Stamps (opens in a new window)







Artist Biographies (in alphabetical order) 
Agueli, Ivan -- Swedish painter 
    Arcimboldi, Giuseppe -- Italian painter 
    Audubon, J.J. -- American painter

    Bellotto, Bernardo -- Italian painter 
    Boecklin, Arnold -- Swiss painter 
    Botticelli, Sandro -- Italian painter 
    Boucher, François -- French painter
    Broederlam, Melchior -- Flemish painter
    Bruegel (Pieter) -- Flemish painter 
    Canaletto -- Italian painter 
    Carmichael, Franklin -- Canadian painter 
    Casson, Alfred -- Canadian painter 
    Cézanne, Paul -- French painter

Čiurlionis, Mikolajus K -- Lithuanian painter 
    Constable, John -- British painter 
    Corot, Camille -- French painter 
    Degas, Edgar -- French painter  

    Delacroix, Eugene -- French painter  

    Durer, Albrecht -- German painter  

    van Eyck, Jan -- Flemish painter 
    Fabritius, Carel -- Dutch painter
    FitzGerald, Lionel L. -- Canadian painter 
    Fragonard, Jean Honoré -- French painter 
    Gainsborough, Thomas -- British painter 

    Gauguin, Paul -- French painter  

    Géricault, Theodore -- French painter
    Giotto -- Italian fresco painter

    van der Goes, Hugo -- Dutch painter
    Gossaert, Jan -- Flemish painter
    Goya, Francisco -- Spanish painter  
    El Greco -- Greek/Spanish painter 
    Greuze, Jean-Baptiste -- French painter
    Hals, Frans -- Flemish painter 

    Harris, Lawren -- Canadian painter 
    Heinesen, Zacharias -- Faeroese painter  
    Hogarth, William -- British painter
    Holgate, Edwin Headley -- Canadian painter 
    Hundertwasser -- Austrian painter  

    Ingres, Jean Aug.Dom.-- French painter 
    Jackson, A.Y. -- Canadian painter 
    Joensen-Mikines, Sámal -- Faeroese painter  
    Johnston, Frank H. -- Canadian painter 
    Kamerlingh Onnes, Harm -- Dutch painter

    Khnopff, Fernand -- Belgian painter 
    Klimt, Gustav -- Austrian painter 
    Leguay, Marc -- French painter i Laos
    Lemieux, Jean-Paul -- Canadian painter 
    Leonardo da Vinci -- Italian painter 

    Lismer, Arthur -- Canadian painter 
    Luchian, Stefan -- Romanian painter
    MacDonald, J. E.H. -- Canadian  painter   
    Arnold Machin -- British Stamp Designer  

    Malevich, Kasimir -- Ukrainian painter  
    Matejko, Jan -- Polish painter  
    Manet, Edouard -- French painter 

    Memling, Hans -- Flemish painter
    Metsu, Gabriel -- Dutch painter  
    Michelangelo -- Italian painter 
    Mignard, Nicolas -- French painter

    Mignard, Pierre -- French painter

    Modigliani, Amadeo -- Italian painter  
    Monet, Claude -- French painter  
    Mulready, Wiliam -- Irish painter
    Namatjira, Albert -- Austr. Aboriginal painter 
    Piazzetta, Giovanni Battista -- Italian painter
    Pissarro, Camille -- French painter 

    Poussin, Nicolas -- French painter
    Raphael -- Italian painter 
    Rembrandt -- Dutch painter 

    Remington, Frederic -- American painter

    Renoir, Pierre-Auguste -- French painter  

    Repin, Ilya Y. -- Russian painter

    av Reyni, Ingalvur -- Faeroese painter  
    Reynolds, Sir Joshua -- British painter

    Roerich, Nicholas K. -- Russian painter 

    Rousseau, Henri -- French painter 
    Rubens, Pieter Paul -- Belgian painter  
    Schiele, Egon -- Austrian painter
    Sisley, Alfred -- French painter 
    Theodoricus (Master) -- Czech artist
    Thomson, Tom -- Canadian painter 
    Tiepolo, Giovanni B. -- Italian painter 
    Tintoretto, Jacopo -- Italian painter 
    Titian -- Italian painter 
    Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de -- French painter  
    Turner, J.M.W. -- British painter 
    Waagstein, Jógvan -- Faeroese painter

    Van Gogh, Vincent -- Dutch painter  

    Varley, Frederick H. -- Canadian painter 
    Velázquez, Diego -- Spanish painter
    Vermeer, Johannes -- Dutch painter 
    Watteau, Antoine -- French painter
    Whistler, James A.M. -- American painter

Female Artists 
Carr, Emily -- Canadian painter  
    Cassatt, Mary -- American painter 

    Johnson, Pauline -- Canadian artist 
    Leyster, Judith -- Flemish painter 
    Lindgren, Astrid -- Swedish author
    Morisot, Berthe -- French painter 

    Vigée-Lebrun, Elisabeth -- French painter 


    Nudes -- female and male 
    The First Art Stamp Ever

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