Wallis & Futuna

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Wallis and Futuna Islands are an overseas territory of France, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, see map below. The territory consists of two groups of volcanic islands 200 km (125 mi) apart. 

Map Wallis & Futuna.

The Wallis Archipelago comprises a main island and some 20 smaller islands and islets. The main island, Wallis (Uvéa), is hilly and dotted with numerous lake-filled craters. 

The Futuna Archipelago consists of two mountainous islands, Futuna (Hooru) and Alofi.Futuna and Alofi were sighted in 1617 by two Dutch navigators. Wallis was visited 100 years later by the British explorer Samuel Wallis. 

French Roman Catholic missions were established in the islands in 1837, and the indigenous people were converted to Christianity. 

In 1887 at the request of the kings of the islands a French protectorate was established. The people voted overwhelmingly, in December 1959, for French citizenship and status as an overseas territory, which was granted two years later. 

Albuisson has engraved the four below stamps, which all carry the "extension" RF [République Française] to the country name. 

Wallis & Futuna 1995. Games of the South Pacific. Wallis & Futuna. First senator, Sosefo Papilio Makape.
  • Wallis & Futuna 1995. Games of the South Pacific. Design by Albuisson, printed in helio. Scan © Pierre Albuisson.
  • Wallis & Futuna 2000. The first senator, Sosefo Papilio Makape. Scan © Pierre Albuisson.
Wallis & Futuna 2003. Monseigneur Alexandre Poncet. Wallis & Futuna 2003. The frigate "Le Nivôse".
  • Wallis & Futuna 2003. Monseigneur Alexandre Poncet. Design by Doc Action Culturelle, engraving by Pierre Albuisson. 
  • Wallis & Futuna 2003. The frigate "Le Nivôse". Design Beauvillain, engraving by Pierre Albuisson. 

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